Relate to me.
I beg, just find a way.
I speak to you
And tell you
But you can't seem to

I've broken down walls,
And drowned in self-created streams.
You're shielded up tight
Never shed a tear, it seems.

I've stared you in the face
And looked you in the eye
I've seen you look back.
Where is that connection?
That glance that proves to me as true
That if I were to mention
Anything to you,

You'd nod your head
And understand.
There'd be no confusion in
Your eyes.
I wouldn't feel so distant
Nor strange.

Out of everyone in the
Of all the people
It is you.
That I want to be able to speak to
And know you
You are to me, so special,
The one person in my eyes.

Yet, why is it that
We don't seem