The tide rolls in, and the sun rises
The rain clears and clouds fade
Her eyes shine bright and
She smiles beautifully
Hearts are fluttering and the air
Is light and gentle...

The tide rolls out. The sun sets.
The rain falls in torrents
And the clouds grow black.
Her eyes are misty and distant
She cries for hours at a time, until
She falls to sleep...
While at his house, he stares at
His ceiling and sighs quietly
Hearts are low and crumbling, and
Breathing is almost difficult...

There is a rhythm to everything...

Day and night.
Rain and sun.
Summer and winter.
Life and death.
Love and heartbreak.
Smiles and tears.

She rides the rhythm
Though she despises it so
He rides along her side
Though he's being torn apart
And yet they both will cry
In the end
When the rhythm destroys
What it once constructed.

He'll stare out his window
And despite it being sunny and beautiful,
He'll see it as gray clouds and pouring rain...
She'll curl up in her bed
And despite being wrapped in sheets,
She'll still shiver and still feel cold...

But rhythm will strike them in
The middle of the night, and
They will both be staring at the same spot
On the ceiling
Both sighing
And riding out the rhythm again.

Deep down inside of her somewhere
She still smiles at the sight of his smile;
She still feels giddy at the sound of his voice;
She still shudders at his gentlest touch;
She still waits for his goodnight calls...

Deep down inside of him somewhere
He longs for the tears to end;
He longs for the tension to fade;
He longs for her smile again;
He longs for the girl he gave his heart to...

But regardless of this,
It is a rhythm.
Life is a rhythm,
And so is love.

And there are highs
And there are lows,
But at the end of the day
Will his arms still be open to her?
Will she accomplish her goal of stability?
Or will they fade away and grow apart...?