Rose on the Night Stand

Sitting on the night stand
Sleeping soundly in a crystalline container
Floating calmly; beauty undisturbed
Such emotion packed into such a fragile, small package...

Rose on the night stand
You possess great meaning in your silence
You possess such power in your petals
So bold a shade of red
You must be telling me how much he loves me...
How beautiful his love is...

And though your color is powerful
Your petals are so delicate
So then you tell me that love is fragile, too.

Beautiful young messenger
Sometimes your teachings go unnoticed
Looking at just the surface
I try not to be so shallow and see just the physical
But dive into the ocean of your colors
And find
The meanings...

Rose on the night stand
I wait for you to awaken
Smile for me and let me know that
That his love has strengthened...

That love will go on.