it's so easy to think of you

Always true-
I've never met anybody like you
No lies, no manipulation, no cries

Nothing but truth,
Above what we've known
Above and beyond,
The chains and bonds on my soul loosen

As you lift me higher with your beauty,
Oh, it's so easy to think of you
I'll lift you to and above the heavens
Protect you from all around you

Oh, how I love you
Am I-
Am I who your heart desires?

Fate lifts us higher, to our destiny
A haven,
Where no can destroy, or tear down our carefully molded dreams

I'll protect you, from all around you
There's no need to tell anyone,
When this is all our dream
I love you,
The savior of my soul, and oh! it's so easy to love you

Oh, I hope that you love me,
Let us proceed to a world of our own,
Where no one can destroy us
The past, we left behind
Hold onto me, and don't be afraid,

I'll love you, for all eternity
I'll be in love with you in death
We'll be safe here,
Fate has brought us here,
Where we can be ourselves
I'll love you for eternity,
As we make our way,
To a world that is paradise