Author's Note: I was watching a series called "Kindred- The Embraced" when I came up with this.

Vampires of Fiction and Tv

by Lirriea

Out of many myths and legends one that brings fear and awe to our hearts are the myths of vampires. There are stories, books, shows, and even movies about them. We name them as creatures of the night and bloodsuckers. To most of us they are legends but to those of us who have imaginations they are all too real.

Dracula was on of the most famous vampires in history. It was said that he drank human blood and slept in a coffin. He was one of the first vampires of legend. In this report I will talk about two shows and a book that our based on vampires, I hope you enjoy.

Kindred: The Embraced

In Kindred- The Embraced we meet a bunch of vampires living in a city. They call them selves Kindred and live in clans. They are led by a vampire who calls himself the prince. The prince doesn't like the thought of killing humans because his niece is or was human. In a sick twist of fate his niece is turned or as they called it embraced by a rival clan.

The vampires in this show:

∙Drink blood- of each other as well

∙Can Bleed

∙Turn into wolves

∙When they get mad their eyes glow

∙Burned by sunlight

∙Can sleep

∙Can love humans

∙Have heartbeats after they feed

When the vampires in Kindred turn humans do it by draining the humans of blood and replacing it with theirs. When they do this the human is turned into one of the clan of the person who turned them.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In Buffy the Vampire slayer you meet a vampire named Spike and of course a high school teenager named Buffy who is given the power to kill vampires. The vampires in this series are very cliche. All and all they are the ones the legends tell us about.

∙Burns in the sun

∙drinks blood

∙killed by stakes through the heart

∙Afraid of cross, holy water, etc.

∙sleeps in coffins

There is not much else to say about these vampires, they are very cliche and have an unstable thirst for blood.

Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse

In this much loved book series you meet a family of vampires called the Cullens and a human called Bella. All three and soon to be four books are in Bella's point of view as she discovers that what she thought was fake was all too real. These books will introduce you to a variety of character and redirects what you though about vampires.

In these books vampires:

∙Have rock hard skin

∙Don't burn in the sun but they do sparkle

∙Can only be killed by other vampires and burning them

∙Can't sleep

∙Can drink animal blood

∙have royal vampires

You also meet werewolves who are the only known enemy to vampires in this book. I won't tell you anymore because it will kill the storyline.

Authors Note:

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