More books from 'Silencia LaRuse' a.k.a. Renee LaRuse a.k.a. Renee Lewin

eBooks available on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE

In the Hands of an Outlaw

A half white, half Comanche Indian outlaw punishes the men who brutally attack the ebony barmaid that has lassoed his heart


A female cop finds true love with an unlikely man; the handsome thug she once arrested

The Healer's Warrior

An Arab prince refuses to lose the beautiful black healer who has his heart

Profess Your Love

A college professor is seduced by her hot European-American student

(Also Available in BW/AM Edition)

Arizona Allspice

An African-American young woman stuck in a small Arizona town learns that a popular soccer jock has admired her for years.