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Information stuff:

Title: Instant Message Me

Rating: T

Warnings: Hetero, Angst, Darkly themes, Sexual content and innuendoes, language


Hetero: I still see no point in warning people about this but I guess it helps…if you don't like hetero pairings then this story isn't for you.

Angst: This particular work may contain angst; consider yourself warned.

Darkly Themed: This story may seem mundanely happy but it is overall dark, so please bear with me on this.

Sexual Content and Innuendoes: There are some quite sexual situations here, just a "flash flood warning" on this.

Language: A tint of colorful language, if this offends you then stay away.

Genre: Childhood/Gothic Romance, Drama, Psychological, Comedy, Mystery Angst

Pairings: Hetero

Summary: All Aichi has ever wanted was a decent family and someone to care about her. Upon meeting a new family, she runs across a mysterious person online who sends her instant messages. Are these messages of delusion or messages of love and hope for the lonely teen? HET.


Instant Message Me

By: SilverIsamu


Aichi is a fragile looking preteen with dirty dishwater blonde hair and bold, golden eyes. She enjoys the technological advances in today's modern society, though she can't afford to have the latest thing for herself.

Her parents tragically died a few years back, so living in the boarding house with her foster mother and siblings isn't exactly what she would have figured as to be the perfect life.

Like other children who were placed in the legal system, she often had fantasized about having a real loving family someday, though with her being nearly thirteen, she passed it off as a long shot.

She was very lonely with the exception of her best pal, Matsuri, who was more like a brother figure to her then anything. He was taller with blue hair in a bowl cut and dark brown eyes. They were in the same class and she had always told him everything. He was her outlet.

Do you wish to venture into the life of a foster girl?

Then read ahead as the story is told…

To Be Continued…

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