The stealthy cat waited behind the bush. Not long now. A mouse was headed around the corner. The cat waited. The glee mouse nibbled on a crumb that it had found. It sat within the cat's pouncing reach. The cat sneakily moved closer to get a for sure catch. The mouse heard a crack in the bushes, but paid no attention to it. The cat stopped and watched the mouse. He was a young mouse. Not too many weeks old. He was too young to know that his death was coming. Easy prey.

The cat moved into pouncing position. She watched with her slit eyes. She leaped. She went sailing through the air and landed with perfect accuracy onto the mouse. The small mouse tried to get away, but was too small to put up a fight. It did manage to run a few feet towards a small hole into the side of the house. But, he was still too slow for the cat.

After her meal, she went back to the barn where her kittens lie. The only pure gray kitten in the litter, looked up at the mother and asked,

"Mother, why is there blood on your paws?"

"I was hunting my child."

"But mother, the woman who lives here puts out plenty of food out for you each day. Why do you eat her food, yet still hunt?"

"The woman's food does not matter. I don't need it! I am a cat and I will kill for my food! End of discussion!"

A week or two went by. The mother cat continued to eat the generous helpings from the old woman, and still hunted. But the mother cat was having a hard time finding things to hunt. She had caught all the mice and all the chipmunks. So the mother cat continued to eat the food the old woman set out and started to eat from her trash.

The old woman became tired of the cat. Especially now since it ate from the garbage. So, she had stopped feeding the cat and put her garbage in a trash can outside, so the cat could no longer tear the bags. Now the mother cat was going hungry. She could not feed herself let alone her kittens. She became frail and weak. She was nothing but skin and bones. The gray kitten asked the asked her mother one day,

"Mother, why are you so hungry? The old woman still feeds you, right?"

"Not anymore. She stopped putting out feed and hid her trash. I have nothing to eat except for what I can catch."

"You never wanted her food before." The kitten said, "Now that you don't have it, you are starving. Because you were not thankful, you lost all you had. You didn't even care enough to respect the woman's property when she treated you so good. You just ripped open her trash bags, and gave her more work for no reason. If you would have excepted all she gave you, you would be plump and still have milk for us. But now you are starving and we are dying. If you would have still been hungry after she gave you food, she would have given you more."

Eventually the old woman found the dying kittens. She took them away from the mother and raised them back to health. She named each kitten and gave them love. The mother cat, now without even a single child, died. The woman found her body where the kittens had been. If the mother cat would have just accepted the old woman's food, she would have lived.

There are a few morals of the story, be thankful for what you have, because when it's gone you'll be sorry, be kind and respectful to others, and they will be kind and respectful to you, and don't become over confident.

I know that this is an odd story. Please review! I don't think that I am good with short stories. I would like to know what you think of this whether it's good or bad!