A woman knocked loudly at the heavy door of an expensive house. She steps back and eyes over the large mansion like place.It was just like all the others in the street, immaculate. She looks at the two expensive cars parked and then at her own shabby appearance and shook her head. The door opens and a large, bodyguard like guy stands in front

"I'm here to see Leon, he's expecting me"

The bodyguard looks her over head to toe and nods her in.

"Wait in there" points to large open entertainment area.

The woman looks around, this inside was just as immaculate and looks at her ripped shirt and jeans that had seen better days. She walks through french doors to the outside pool to watched some person doing laps. The person then rises from the pool naked.

The naked person walks towards the woman standing in the door way. "Hi…. can I have my towel" she asks.

The woman in the doorway at first didn't move, her eyes couldn't and wouldn't leave the gorgeous body of this naked woman. She then grabs the towel and hands it to her.

"thanks….. I'm Hailey" said the naked woman as she wipes her hair and face only. She then drops her towel and offers her hand.

"Jaylen…" she took her hand and held it.

Hailey smiled and reaches for her satin like robe putting it around her. Jaylen could feel her heart beating out her chest. She finally took some much needed air. The woman was slim, with short golden, blonde hair that was slick backed from the water. However the girl was not a true blonde as Jaylen could see from below. She was definitely beautiful and looks like she floated as she walked. The robe clung to her still wet body, her features clearly defined. Hailey loosely ties up the robe, still allowing for cleavage and anything else that may come visible.

"Can I get you a drink Jaylen" offered Hailey, who was enjoying the slow responses and stares. She accepted them as compliments


"hey…. Leon will see you now" barked a voice behind them

Jaylen turned towards the voice and then back to Hailey their eyes fixed on each other with no words to break the moment.

Hailey ran a hand through her drying hair and winked "you should go, my boyfriend doesn't like to be kept waiting"

Jaylen smiled turned to nothing, she left to follow the bodyguard

Hailey's head turned side on as she watched Jaylen leave. Apart from her ripped jeans and ragged t-shirt, Jaylen was definitely a person of interest to Hailey. Hailey poured herself a glass of mineral water and smiled.

"Sit" ordered the bodyguard

Jaylen sat down and a well dressed man walked up what to Jaylen. She could only imagine he was wearing an expensive Italian suit. He shook her hand and sat opposite her

"Sorry for Tony's demeanour, he's very suspicious of everyone"

Jaylen nodded "it's his job right"

"hmmm well when someone is looking to help with my business out of nowhere, he gets a little anxious. He used to be a boxer, right Tony?"

"Yes Leon"

"Right let's get down to business" Leon immediately rises when Hailey walks into the room with drinks for Leon and offers one to Jaylen

Jaylen arousal kicked up again when Hailey bent down to put her glass on the table in front of her, giving Jaylen a full view of what was beneath her robe.

Hailey smirked and sat next to her boyfriend "did you have a nice swim honey" kissed Leon

"yes…. But I did miss your company."

Leon then lightly berated her "honey don't you think it's a little rude to flaunt what other women don't have, especially right in front of their eyes.

Jaylen eyes darted between the two

Hailey laughed "it's only rude if the other women don't like it. Then there are some women that do like it."

Jaylen felt light headed and took a breath. She indeed liked what was in front and was quite happy to watch Hailey flaunt.

"am I upsetting you Jaylen" spoke Hailey

Jaylen remained quiet, her first instinct was to yell out hell no but answered "as long as you feel comfortable in the skin you're wearing."

Hailey played further "ohhhh I like this girl Leon."

"alright, be quiet we are talking business. So Jaylen explain this to me again."

"Well it was like I was saying, I work at this night club where I could be your sole distributor of…. " she looked at Hailey "your product" not sure how much to say

Leon sat forward "relax Jaylen, Hailey knows my business. She knows it's what keeps her in beautiful clothes, allows her to drink expensive wines and drives very expensive European cars." He slaps her leg and she winces. "she has her other uses as well, she also knows not to step out of line"

Jaylen noticed Hailey's pained look, the red mark forming "right"

"So how do you propose to distribute the cocaine to potential customers."

"well… we heat seal the powder into tiny clear pouches. I get a request and it goes into bottom of glass with the beverage poured over the top. No one will see it because I stock my areas. The club has 3 bars, we each run our own section and at the end of the night return the cash till. I just hold back the extra I make…. And give it to you minus my cut."

Leon looks at Tony and then to his girl friend. "You seem to have it all worked out. I take it you've done this before"

Jaylen offered no references "I have the contacts in the club, I can do it. All I ask is for 50 of the cut"

Leon laughed hard "I can recognise a user... desperate for a hit are we"

"No... I'm not on the stuff... I am clean. I just need money"

"How much?" asked Leon

Hailey watched the exchange closely

Jaylen said nothing

"Do you owe someone money?" Asked Leon "I can help"

"I do not owe anyone money. I want to start my own business."

"How much do you want, I can lend you"

"70 grand."

Leon whistled "that's a lot of money... I'll see"

Jaylen noticed Hailey shaking her head left to right subtly at her

"I will raise the money myself from the cut, I just need the product."

Leon sat forward "love... I like your enthusiasm but I don't even get a 50 cut from my supplier. I'll give you 20."

"what... no way I'm not doing all this, putting my freedom on the line for only 20, that's bullshit" growls Jaylen

Hailey sits back after sipping her mineral water. Secretly enjoying this woman's arrogance.

Leon looks at his girl friend and smiles "she's a live one, don't you think"

Hailey shrugged "I don't know about these things honey" she says innocently

"Please Leon, I can move your stuff, I want a bigger cut. You will be the only supplier in the club, or."

Leon looks over "or what"

"or you won't... I will find someone else"

Leon frowned at her attempt of business dominance. Tony then stepped over and smacked Jaylen in the side of the head

"You mind you insolence in Leon's house or else you answer to me bitch" growls Tony

Jaylen jumps up immediately facing him

"c'mon bitch" urges Tony

Jaylen chest was thumping, her fists clenched

"Tony stop it. Leon call off your pit bull" whines Hailey. "I'm sick of his macho bullshit"

"Enough" says Leon to everyone

Leon gets up and looks Jaylen in the eye before turning attention to Tony. "Get the stuff Tony"

"What boss, cmon you can't think"

"Shut up, I am the one that thinks around here, do I need you all to be reminded of that. Jaylen 30 is my final offer. I suggest you take it love."

Jaylen was almost at the front door, the cocaine bag in her pocket. Her heart was racing from the transaction, the adrenaline was giving her a natural high.

"Jaylen... that was some nice work"

Jaylen turned around to Hailey "yeh well... I have plans, dreams"

"So what business are you into" asked Hailey stepping closer

Jaylen smirked "I'm a chef."

"You're a chef, you wear the white little suit and hat." Trying to imagine this rough exterior of a woman having this type of trade

"yeh that's me..." laughs Jaylen

"Hailey I'm waiting for you" calls Leon from a deep part of the house

Hailey rolls her eyes at Jaylen

Jaylen laughed and leaned close to her "you don't want to keep your boyfriend waiting" coos Jaylen

Jaylen climbs up the stairs to her run down rented apartment. She locks the door and empties the contents of her pocket. On her table was bag of cocaine waiting to be divided up into smaller bags. Her mouth goes dry and her breathing quickens as she touches the bag

"Jaylen what the fuck are you doing" growls to herself

Jaylen gets up and turns tap on in the sink and washes her face. She drinks some and shakes the excess from her face. She smiles as she reminisces about Hailey, her body, her flaunting and possibly flirting. It was getting worse by the minute, getting involved with a drug dealer and now wondering how she was going to get more involved with his mistress.

She took her jacket off and went to work re-bagging her stuff. That night she worked her shift and distributed Leon's product to the willing patrons underneath her boss's nose.