Selina woke to the sound of her mobile phone ringing

Selina woke to the sound of her mobile phone ringing. She sits up on her couch and looks at the time on her mobile and shakes her head at 5am. She flipped her phone open and took the call. She stood up and grabbed her things

Selina pulled up to where the police had taped off the crime scene. An officer lifted it for her and nodded her to the door. Selina stepped in and stopped at the body on the floor, male with multiple gunshot wounds. She continued through the doors to wear her senior inspector and Alex was.

She looked and caught her breath. There was too much blood for the 3 gunshot wounds. She went over to the body and squatted down.

Selina slowly lifted the head and met with Jaylen's open and vacant eyes. I deep gash across her throat caused her to bleed out over her once white uniform. Selina closed Jaylen's eyes and stood up still with composure

Senior inspector "no doubt an execution, but it was personal… her/she made sure Jaylen suffered."

"Well you play the drug game, its catches up with you" scoffed Alex

"What the fuck would you know" spat Selina. Her mouth was dry, head was spinning

"Over on the counter, white stuff in that container, next to the strawberries. Waiting for forensics to test it" gloated Alex

Selina opened the container

"Don't" said Alex

Selina dipped her fingers in the gooey stuff, holds to show senior inspector and licks it "mousse, warm white mousse"

"oh" Alex only reply

Selina took a final look at Jaylen's dead body "You don't need me here for this"

"Selina, we all know she was involved with Leon… you must have some idea"

"I don't senior inspector….I've got to go."

Selina leaves the kitchen and was almost to the door when she went behind the bar and looked along the bottles, her mouth felt like sand. She finds the bourbon and takes the bottle"

Alex comes out "hey what you doing…. "

"Alex…. It's not fucking evidence"

"But you were doing so well, how long"

"1 year…. 8 months and 3 days."


"That's the thing about being on the wagon, you can get off and on any fucking time you like"

Alex went to Selina but she backed away "leave me alone, and if you follow me I'm going to shoot you Alex. Leave me the fuck alone"

Selina heads out onto the sand, the sun was awake and the day was commencing. Some joggers, people walking their dogs, even the odd swimmer game enough to tame the cold water. Selina unscrewed the bourbon bottle and took 3 large gulps and waited.

"Come on Selina, just keep it together. You couldn't help it, you didn't see it coming " trying to convince herself

Selina took a further few mouthfuls and felt light headed. She sat down and drew lines in the sand "all you need to do is cry…. Come on, just get it out of your system and you can move on" grunted Selina getting angrier.

She started to punch the ground, mumbling at first "I hate this job… I hate this fucking fucking job." Selina shakily got to her feet and looked out to sea and screamed "I HATE THIS FUCKING JOB" and threw the bottle as far as she could into the water. Her eyes roll backed and she fell onto the sand.

Selina creeps up and peers in a window. A shadow moves about and disappears. Selina could hear a laugh coming from inside. She stalked around to the front and listens, her gun drawn. She takes 3 deep breaths and lifts her leg kicking the door in hard. She races in just as the person gets up from seat. She lets off 3 shots into the person and he falls back.

"Hailey" groans Tony, holding his chest as blood started to pour

"Hi Tony…." She moves closer and takes a gun from his lounge chair and puts it in her pocket.

"I should really announce myself. Police….. Inspector Selina Wills"

Tony was trying to catch his breath, holding his chest "police, you shot me… you have to call an ambulance"

Selina laughed "well that depends on your cooperation Tony"


"Why did you have to kill her, why…. Jaylen was nobody, but to me she was everything."

"She told the cops, she ratted us out and killed Leon"

"You are the biggest idiot apart from my partner Alex. I ratted you out, I was undercover and knew everything."

"Please call an ambulance… I don't want to die"

"you think Jaylen did…." Growled Selina "you made her suffer you arse-hole"

"I thought she killed Leon"

"I fucking killed Leon you fuck head…." Selina getting agitated "last night she was suppose to come over and tell me…. She was going to tell me she loved me… I think. But I will never fucking know now." smacks him in the head with her gun.

"I'm sorry…. Please…. stop" begs Tony

Selina rolled her eyes and put her gun away "if you insist" and pulls out something behind her pants and un-wrapped the cloth showing it to Tony.

"no….. don't" he tried to move but his body was heavy

"Oh does this look familiar to you eh" show him the large sharp carving knife.

Tony almost gets up when Selina slashes at him. Tony grabs his throat and Selina pushes him back into the seat. She sat down opposite him watching the blood pour from his throat

"Jaylen was so amazing. Everything that happened to her and even after finding out I was a cop, she still wanted me and … you took that away. She was going to look after me, protect me. I need that…. I deserved that" screamed Selina

Tony gasped and gargled clinging barely to life. Selina gets up and spits at him "give my regards to Leon you prick"

Selina walks out and down the road. She quietly walks up to her car and looks at her own reflection. Selina recollects that she has spent the last 8 years of her life trying to put away monsters like Tony, Leon and in doing so created a monster. She stopped looking at herself and got into the car.

She took her gun out and put it on the passenger's seat and took the bottle of bourbon drinking down most of the contents. She leaned forward, finally she felt them.

Finally she cries…. cries and sobs for Jaylen and for loss of herself "I should have protected you Jaylen…. I'm so sorry…. So sorry" sobs louder until only screams are heard.

Alex rocks up next to the senior inspector in the street "we found Tony….. shot and slashed just like Rooney girl."

"Tony's least of our worry, Alex" points to car

Alex recognizes it "that's Selina's…." What she doing near Tony's

He opens the door and sees the blood spray all around the car "fuck fuck" his voice stammered and stepped away and threw up. The senior inspector looks at Selina's head as it rested against the steering wheel, hole right through her skull, the gun on the floor and an empty bottle of bourbon.

He groans "what a waste…." Closes the door and walks off

The end