Light filtered through a small spot on the window that wasn't covered by the large blanket placed over the curtains. A groan escaping from the mass of blankets on the bed as the sunlight struck home and right into the eyes of it's sleeping inhabitent. A groggy yawn was carried before the figure slowly dragged themself out of the bed and through the door to their bedroom.

With a scratch to their side and a slow stumbled walk they went to the bathroom to relieve themself. With a flush of the toilet and the splash of running water they looked into the mirror contentedly to see short snow blond hair and ice blue eyes glancing back. This person's name was Ice Coyote Hunt, she had one of the oddest names ever but it was all on her parents. She had a older brother named Fire Wolf and a younger sister named Water Dragon... she would never understand her parents. They were set on elements for the first names and animals for their middle ones.

She was, as the other kids called her, your local weirdo because things just never seemed right with her. She had some of the most unusual features of her whole school and be spotted out a crowd quite easily. She leaned in towards the mirror and looked closely at her eye with a sigh.

"It's too early in the morning." She grumbled, unknown to her it was actually one o'clock in the afternoon.

There was a heavy knock on the door, "Come on Ice, I have to go." Was the annoying shrill of her younger sister. She padded over and opened the door to the dancing figure of Water, she had deep blue eyes and almost a blue ebony head of hair. "Get out!" She demanded as she ran pass her and shover her out of the door and into the hall, the sound of the door slamming echoing through the house.

"Well excuse me you little bratt." Ice called back into her only to hear her sister make a 'raspberry' sound back at her. Ice shook her head and walked off, trudging down the stairs still clad in her dragon pajama's. She walked into the kitchen to find her brother Fire with his flame colored hair and goldish red eyes sitting at the dining table eating a sandwich with his right hand and writing down his new song lyrics on a pad of paper. Her brother was the lead vocalist of his own band "The Moonlit Howl", him and three of his other friends did a few gigs a week.

"Hey bro." Ice said as she padded over to the refrigerator and fished around inside until she produced half a gallon of chocolate milk which she began to drink from.

"Hello... and what did Ma tell you about drinking from the container." Fire scolded softly and she sighed.

"Fine." She opened the cupboard and pulled free a small glass, pouring a cup for herself. "You want a cup?" Ice asked looking over her shoulder.

"Sure, I'll have a small one." He said lightly, tapping his chin with his pencil softly. She poured him a glass and set it down next to his notepad.

"So how's it coming?" She said glancing down at his work.

The title Mighnight Kiss starred back at her, "Good but I'm a little stuck on this part." He said pointing to it with his pen.

Midnight Kiss

He stands up right, on the cliff far above

He glances down to see his true love

A call is held and he only stares

The only one for her, the one who cares

The light holds on as hard as can be

Only to find itself being shoved down

It flickered and flared over the scene below

But found itself not able to give a hope

The sun falls down and the night takes the reins

Shadows creep and take a new fame

They stand there facing all the world in black

But don't know when to go back

The night is bold and the stars they are strong

Gleam in the sky before the rise of the dawn

One alone falls to the side, bruising it's pride

Another steps up, taking the old stride

She creeps alone, her head held low

Eyes pirce the sky, filled but hollow

Her head raises up, only to cry...

"How about, The birds all scatter, soaring up high..." Ice offered softly over her glass and her brother's eye widen.

"T-That's a wonderful idea, thanks Ice." He quickly wrote down the line before copying the chorus over once more. He quickly carried on muttering it as he went...

They come face to face with a call of shock

but stop and step forward to break the lock

They brush and stroke with a small gleam of hope

And end with the kiss that the midnight had spoke

The sun falls down and the night takes the reins

Shadows creep and take a new fame

They stand there facing all the world in black

But don't know when to go back

The sun falls down and the night takes the reins

Shadows creep and take a new fame

They stand there facing all the world in black

But don't know when to go back

"There, that's it, it's finished, Ice your my savior!" Fire cried as he bear hugged his sister who almost spit her milk out as she was squeezed.

"To... tight..." She gasped out and he dropped her with a small nervous smile.

"Hehe, oops, sorry sis." He exclaimed. Water came padding downstairs at that point as she heard the commotion.

"Whats going on?" She asked padding up to her sister and brother.

"Bro finished his song thanks to me." Ice said with a smile

With all of them together like this you could see the big differences in their age because of their height. Fire was tall being the age of 17, Ice was medium height at the age of 15, and Water was short at the age of 11. They got along great minus the small arguements that they had, but that thought was ruined as a small flash filled the room.

"Hunny now we have a new family moment for our kids." Called out the hidden figure of Mr. Hunt himself.

"Daaad!" They all whined in unison, why did their dad have to be obsessed with his camera. "Come on old man I'm in my pajamas." Ice pouted as she placed her now empty cup into the sink. "Now now Coy, be nice to your father, you know how he is." Mrs. Hunt said as she joined them in the kitchen. Ice walked up to her mother and gave her a hug.

"Fine, I'll give him a break." Ice said softly but stuck her tongue out at her father.

He gasped dramatically and covered his 'crushed heart', "Coy, that hurt." Her father pouted and she chuckled softly, everyone else laughing as well.

"Alright before someone makes a scene, or I should say your father makes a scene, we are having dinner at will be turkey and gravy with mash potatos no buts." Their mother said and they all nodded their heads.

"Well I got to get to the band meeting now that the lyrics are done, thanks again Ice." Fire said before hugging his mom and leaving the house on his motorcycle.

You could hear the rev of it and the flinging of gravel as he took off out of the yard.

"Well I need to go see my friends, were meeting at two and it's already one thirty so I'm gonna change then leave." Ice said kissing her mom's cheek before running upstairs to change her clothes. She reappeared clad in a black tang-top that had a butterfly on the front and a pair of tan khaki shorts. "Bye mom." she called out, before running out the door, "Bye Coy." She heard after her.

She hopped onto her bike and pedaled off out of the driveway and off to her friends house. They were all meeting at Christian's house today cause her mom had made cookies and man were they good. She arrived to see only two others outside, Maria and Terrisa outside with a glass of lemonade each.

"Icei!" They called as they saw her rounding the corner.

"Zup guys." She said as she stopped the bike and jumped off, popping the kickstand into placed before walking over. Her and Maria hugged and then she high fived Terrisa, "Wheres Christian at?" Ice asked looking to her friends curiously.

"In the house with Nick right now." Ice got that knowing grin on her face and she nodded, nothing had changed. Maria was still skinny as ever with her orangish blod hair and hazel eyes, Terrisa and her brown hair and almost black eyes, Christian with her almost black hair and almost snake yellow eyes, and then Nick with his orange curls and hazel blue eyes. Speaking of the two they walked out of the house, Nick was grinning wildly and Christian was disted with a light blush. "Nice of you two to join us, so what are we up to today?" Ice asked looking to the couple, Christian faintly blushing a little more.

"Well with Summer ending soon I think we should get the rest of us together and go on a small trip or something?" Christian offered up as she sat down with Nick on a seat that had been removed from a car.

"Sounds gre- hey." Terrisa was cut off because Ice had stole her lemonade. She pouted softly but Ice only waved with a grin as she took a long sip from the drink. "Well as I was saying I think it is a great idea." Terrisa said, reaching out and snatching her now half empty glass of lemonade back from Ice.

"So does that mean...?" Maria inquired softly, everyone shared a glance and nodded with large grins.

"Road trip!!" Ice called out and jumped into the other with a 'whoop' and everyone started laughing.