That's my first yaoi story so its probably crappy, enjoy anyway

That's my first yaoi story so its probably crappy, enjoy anyway!

Sun! I love sun, sun is great. And there's ice-cream and grass how cute!

Danny is looking for me, well this time he is not as in-no way gonna find me!

Every time he does it's the same stupid script;

Step one; staring at each other

Step two: I blush he smirks/

Step three: I start talking about the sun ore ice-cream ore whatever.

Step four: more staring, I bite my lips he looks embarrassed and amused at the same time.

And then well you guessed-we kiss, no! no way I could call it kissing! Its beyond that, his lips are soft, so soft and hard and demanding at the same time his forehead touching mine, I cant breath but keep holding on clinging to him as if his the last steady thing in the world. I lean back and then I'm just so overwhelmed with feelings for him that I cant help but kiss him gently back.

Sometimes he bites my lip and mocks my long black hair. I move away and study his face- his glowing eyes, neutrally glowing skin and smile that says so much and so little at the same time.

I hug him and we walk away to eat ice cream in the sun.

Must I remind you that non off this happened yet.