that was such a big mistake

that was such a big mistake.

she let lust take over and her (un)true
boyfriend have what he had been waiting for.

but neither of them were prepared
for what the result might be.

now in her uterus a new heart is beating
and is dependant upon her.

"baby, we can't handle a child.
the clinic's down the street.
we don't want an interruption of our life.
you can do this.
please, babe. for me?"

sung to sleep by her boyfriends words
and the soft beat of her baby's heart,
she made a choice of what to do.

her name was signed on the papers.
it was time to abort the baby.

just a little time, and the deed was done.
her tears and the sound of her own whimper
was her lullaby that night.

she woke to a pang of regret,
and the feel of a kick from inside of her.

her baby was still alive.