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Here Kitty, Kitty


Chapter 1:

There's a Lead Weight in my Gut

I was sauntering down the sidewalk outside my massive and luxurious dormitory. The day was a gorgeous one; the sun shone brightly in the cloudless baby blue sky and a slight cool breeze tickled my fair cheeks. I was cheerful and happy enough, and the outstanding whether only added to my happiness. Why was I in such a fantastic mood, you ask? Today was a monumental day in my existence.

Today, I would finally begin my high school education. This was not just any common public school education, oh no. It was so much more. I would be attending the prestigious Osaga Academy in Japan.

Osaga has been my dream school ever since I could read. In fact, the first book I ever picked up to read was written all about the expensive school. The book contained full-color glossy pages full of pictures from all over the facilities: the large classrooms, the red carpeted hallways, the beaming students, and the fantastic dormitories. From pouring over these pictures alone, I thought, I want to go here one day.

Classes were small, I soon read, usually four to ten children per class, allowing for close bonds and a more comfortable classroom environment. All of this made sense to me; I did not complain. Class periods shifted every forty minutes, and we had an hour break for lunch and studying in between six classes. The day was a short one, which I liked. I wasn't one that could stay focused for long periods of time.

Dormitories were like small apartments. They had a living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom in which two or three people slept. The walls were painted in lively colors and the furniture was already supplied and was in great condition. I was really impressed.

I also found an interview from one of the students. "I really do like it here," the girl had said. It felt as though I could hear her voice despite the fact that we were hundreds of miles apart. Her voice was like a chorus of bells, tinkling and chinking in a soft, gentle breeze. "Everyone here is so nice and friendly, especially to the new kids. We're like a big family."

My crystal blue eyes roamed over her photograph in wonderment. She was a beautiful fourteen year old freshman with cerulean hair that was wavy, just like the ocean. Her eyes were the perfect shade of emerald that screamed with hot, fiery emotion. Skin soft and smooth, she had not a blemish in sight, and she wore just the right amount of peach colored lip gloss. She was a genuine beauty.

I envied this girl and her drop-dead good looks, and things haven't changed a bit since that day. You see, I look nothing like this girl.

I am tall and skinny with a flat chest and no calf muscles. My hair, poker straight and auburn, hangs to my waist. Whenever I try to do anything to it—curl it, put it up—it ends up a mass of frustrating knots. The color of my eyes is ice blue. It's too cold, I feel, and seems to push people away. Then again, it could be the last bit of my appearance that scares people off.

You see, I'm not like other people; I have a rare disease that sets me (and my looks) apart from that of others. I not only have a set of pointy auburn cat ears, but a long, skinny tail to go with it. For years and years, I was ridiculed for my appearance, ridiculed for something I couldn't control. I hated being me.

"But not at Osaga," I whispered quietly to myself. "Not here." I had convinced myself a place as grand as this would be different.

This I thought again as I made my way to breakfast, across the many sidewalks and a gigantic lone courtyard filled with gorgeous gardens of purple and yellow flowers. Above me towered ten story tall buildings of the massive dormitories, windows shining in the light of the yellow sun. The trek to the cafeteria was a long one from my dormitory, but based on the pamphlets I'd grabbed in the lobby on the way into my dormitory, I thought the walk would be worth it.

Osaga academy isn't like other schools. It doesn't have a solitary meal to eat; one can choose what they want from a wide array of dishes that are set out as a buffet for our convenience. The pictures in the pamphlet had made my mouth water. There were tantalizing muffins, bagels, and other breads to choose from off of the bread table. Other tables housed several other dishes that ranged from eggs and omelets to grits and rice. I knew my taste buds would be in heaven; I love to eat.

I made it to the cafeteria, and saw that the place had not been over-exaggerated. Across ivory marble floors sat rows of tall tables covered in thick linen tablecloths. The food was on silver platters heated from below, and the bread table looked so delicious my mouth began to water. Maybe that's just because I'm a carbohydrate nut.

Getting a tray and a plate, I loaded up with a bunch of things with just enough to taste. That way I would know what I wanted tomorrow morning. I also snagged a blueberry muffin. Next on the agenda: scoping out for somewhere to sit.

I saw quickly that this was not a challenge—it was not a challenge at all. Besides me, there were only three girls in the entire place, laughing and giggling over breakfast. I guessed no one got up this early—after all, it was only six in the morning. The girls looked friendly enough, I decided, with their warm smiles and tinkling laughs. I gave sitting with them a shot and made my way over to the booth they were sitting at.

"Good morning," I said cheerfully, which made them look up. "Do you mind if I sit with you?"

One girl that had long black hair with red highlights scooted over so I could sit at the edge of the table. "Of course you can!" they all said happily, as if we were already friends.

Then the one with black hair said, gray eyes wide, "Cool otaku ears, they're really realistic."

I felt heat rise in my cheeks. She thought they were anime ears? Well this would be awkward. "That's because they're real." They all stared at me in disbelief, and I got two pairs of gray eyes staring at me, but the third was glaring. She was tall and pretty with long blonde hair in a braid, and green eyes.

"Yeah right."

As she said this, my world came crashing down around me, weight on my shoulders. I was so upset about this, and I suddenly felt like crying. Were people here going to be as cruel as those outside Osaga? I couldn't bare a negative answer. No, please, not now.

"I'm not lying. Pull on them and see." I replied, trying to hide how hurt I felt. I got that a lot. People saying they aren't real, I mean, and it never ceased wherever I went. Perhaps Osaga was not all it was cut out to be. My hopes were shot down; I could feel my stomach drop like a lead weight.

And despite any decency this girl might have had, she leaned right across the table and pulled on my ears—hard. The pain was horrible. Still, the look on her face when they didn't come off was priceless: surprise, fear, and a hint of anger. The anger, I knew was only because she had been wrong.

"Ew, freak!" she said, disgusted. With a scowl, she let out a feral growl, grabbed her designer handbag and her teal tray only to storm out of the cafeteria. Her two friends remained behind, staring at the blonde's back as she left.

The girl with red highlights turned to me with sad eyes. "I'm sorry about that. Yara isn't very tolerant of people that are different than her."

"Yeah." I mumbled uncomfortably. "What did you say her name was?" I asked, as not to seem too phased. The last thing I wanted was for these two to leave me alone as well. They were potential friends.

"Yara Omisho," the girl with highlights said, "and I'm Ai Yakahara, and this is my twin sister, Aiko."

"Ohiyo!" Aiko said happily. She had a cute short haircut with choppy bangs that lay across her forehead. She had no split ends, I noticed, which made me mind my hair.

"Hi," I replied with a smile. I could tell at that very moment that Osaga would not be all it turned out to be, but I would still have friends.

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