It makes me sad
When people say
It's belief in God
That makes us moral

I have never seen
God change the world
But I've seen people
Suffer for each other

Not all were religious
Some managed alone
Don't say it can't be done
It can

So don't put down
Those who want to try
For a better world
WIthout God's help

People think I'm weird
If I say I'm mostly
An atheist
But how would they feel?
If I said that to them

I never would
And that's the point
I don't judge integrity
By religion

People can slag off
My beliefs
But if I did the same
No one would take it

It isn't fair
It isn't right
Too much evil's
Done in God's name

For me to ever
Have faith in him
So why is it me?
People expect
To be immoral

When I go on trying
To do the right thing
For no reward

My RE teacher kept implying that religious people are more moral. I got really annoyed and wrote this; not very well done, but I hope it made my point clear. About a year old, but I didn't want to leave it unread on my hard-drive forever.