Sorry About My Loveless, But Hey, It's Not Always About My Love For You

I wonder if she's washed the sheets yet

I worry its because she doesn't want to loose the sent

Or maybe she's sleeping in her kids bedroom

Cause she can't stand hers empty

I wonder, just how does she sleep at night

Knowing that eleven years ago has changed

I still keep the heart I got last year

'May we share just as many moreā€¦'

I'm almost tired of hearing of him

Finally being mentioned in this house, much more than I remember him

I look back and want to say I was right but I guess that was

before my sister was born and when I forgot all about it and ignored it

as much a cold shoulder could let me

This time, it's not my fault

He's playing the coward for this role

Yet I'm still thinking when she'll get the guts to walk

in that empty room alone