My Turtle is faster than yours

My name is Ayden and when I was eight years old, I discovered that I had an archenemy. It's not a nice thing to discover when you are eight years old. I mean, eight years old!

When you are eight you think, everyone likes you and you shouldn't worry about having to protect your pride and stuff from your archenemy!

His name is Jeffree Collins. Jeffree fucking Collins. He is a year older then me and more popular. Plus at nine years old had the most popular girl for a girlfriend, Lucy Jacobs. Lucky…

However, he is my archenemy. I didn't get to decide this. Nope. He did. He came up to me one day and just pushed me in a mud puddle then said my shirt was ugly. Yep. Just to let you all know. My shirt was beautiful… It was fucking wonderful. Still is. Because I can still wear it!

It's a bit of a belly shirt but I can still fucking fit it.

Not that Mr. 'I can get muscles because I work out and take pills' can fit any of his shirts when he was eight!

Nope he got fat! And has muscles now... And he is taller then me too. In fact, he is really handsome and here I am. Stuck with being skinny, out of shape, and short. I hate him! He did this to me!

Yep that's right. I'm blaming this on him. This is his entire fucking fault.

I'm sixteen now and I have one close friend, I'm a closeted gay, and my parents like my older brother and sister more.

Hell, my archenemy is liked more then me! Only because Jeffree fucking Collins plays football with my dad and brother in my back yard. Because guess what? Jeffree fucking Collins is my fucking neighbor.

He still makes fun of my clothing too. Like today, I walked in the back yard to tell my dad and them that dinner is done. Jeffree comes back and says, "Nice pants. Get them from a hobo."

They are sweat pants! Their not suppose to look good.

This only happen a minute ago actually. I'm upstairs in my room changing my pants for dinner because Jeffree fucking Collins is eating with us.

I pulled my pants down and kicked them out the doorway of my bedroom. I searched my closet for pants without holes in them so I can show Jeffrey that I have real pants. I pulled out a new pair that my mom got for me and pulled them on.

"Might as well change your shirt too," Jeffree's voice came through my doorway. I turned quickly and glared at him.

"My shirt is fine," I said glaring at him. He raised his eyebrows and looked at my shirt.

Well there is that small spot on it… oh god. I fiddled with the spot on my shirt then rolled my eyes and pulled it over my head turning around to look for a new one.

I heard him chuckle. I hate him! I grabbed a clean new shirt pulling it over my head.

I turned around and glared at him, because he was still there. I crossed my room and looked in my full-body mirror, fixing my hair and smoothing out the lines in my clothes. I looked closer and saw that my eyeliner was a bit messed up. I turned and got my eyeliner from a small make-up bag I had on my dresser. I went back over to my mirror, pulling my lower eyelid down to put it on.

"Why do you do that?" Jeffree asked from by my bed now.

"Because…" I answered rolling my eyes then started on the other one.

I heard him start messing around with stuff. I finished with my make-up and put my eyeliner back then got some lip-gloss out since my lips are looking weird.

"Lip stick?" Jeffree questioned watching me.

"Lip gloss," I said slipping it out of the tub and sliding it around my lips.

I popped my lips and smiled at myself. There. I look good again.

"You are so gay," Jeffree said lying down on my bed on his side holding his head up with hand.

I rolled my eyes and fixed my hair one more time before putting my lip-gloss away and going over to my bed.

"Get out of my room," I said pointing to the door. Jeffree looked at me and sat up.

"You never said no," Jeffree said smiling up at me.

"No to what," I asked glaring at him crossing my arms over my chest.

"That you are gay," Jeffree said getting up from my bed. I watched him then turned back to my bed to smooth it out. I finished with that and started to leave.

Jeffree followed me closing my door behind me.

"Well, are you?" He asked. I ignored him and went down stairs. Like hell I'm going to come out to him.


Dinner was stupid as always. Stupid conversations with stupid people, let's talk about football with football players. I headed up stairs as my dad and brother went into the den to watch football. My sister and mom cleaned. Jeffree being a bitch followed me upstairs.

I really hate this kid. Always following me and judging me.

I shut my door behind me but Jeffree catches the door and hops in closing it behind him.

I go to sit on my bed but Jeffree jumps on it before I can sit down. He looked at me and raised his eyebrows challenging me. I glared at him and sat down on the bed ignoring him.

I felt him move around on the bed then he sighed.

"Why won't you answer me?" Jeffree said.

I turned and looked at him, "No, I'm not gay."

He looked me over and nodded in a disbelieving way.

"If you're not going to believe me then why did I have to answer?" I asked turning around to look at him.

"I don't know," he said then sat up and pulled himself closer to me.

"Prove it," he said.

"How?" I asked glaring at him.

"Kiss me and show me that you don't get attracted by guys," he said looking me over.

"What? No!" I answered quickly standing up. "I think that the question here is if you are gay," I said turning around to look at him.

He quickly got up from my bed too, "I'm a little curious to what it feels like to kiss a guy."

"Well be curious else where because I'm not gay," I assured.

"Are you sure?" He asked stepping closer to me which caused me to step back.

"Yes," I answered uncrossing my arms.

He grabbed my arms and stilled me, "Then you can have no problem proving it to me."

I sighed and looked up at him through my eyelashes then looked away biting the inside of my lip.

He stared at me tightening his hands around my arms. I sighed loudly and leaned up brushing my lips to his.

I backed away fast and looked away.

"Oh that was barely a kiss," Jeffree said letting go of my arms.

I rolled my eyes and glared up at him, "Shut up."

Jeffree leaned down and kissed me.

I kept my eyes opened staring at his closed eyelids. He backed away after a while and opened his eyes.

"At least kiss back," He said crossing his arms.

"I didn't know it mattered so much," I said glaring at him.

"It does, now try harder," he said leaning down to kiss me again. I rolled my eyes and brought my hands up to the back of his head bringing him down and kissing him hard on the lips closing my eyes this time.

His mouth opened a little in surprise. I pushed my tongue in his mouth and pulled him closer.

After Jeffree got over his shock and kissed back. His hands made their way to my waist pulling us closer.

I pulled away and before he could say anything I moved my kissed to his neck. He sucked in a breath and slid his hands across my butt.

I moved my hands down his chest. He took in a breath again and breathed out moving his head down nudging my head up so he could get my lips again.

He rubbed against me, causing me to let out a moan.

"Are you enjoying this?" He asked against my lips.

"No, are you?" I asked kissing him again before he could answer. He moaned and shook his head. He started backing up dragging me with him.

He broke the kiss and sat down on my bed keeping his hands on my waist. He pulled my shirt up a little and began kissing my stomach, licking every now and then. I pulled my shirt off, running a hand through my hair afterwards to straighten it out.

Jeffree dragged his tongue around my belly button as his hands worked with getting my pants unbuttoned. He was having troubles with them so he backed away from my stomach to look at my pants button.

I moved his hands away and unbuttoned them, pulling them down just leaving me in my underwear. He stared at me for a moment then began taking his shirt off as he continued to check me out. Since I'm amazing looking…

He pulled off his socks before falling back on my bed lifting his hips unbuttoning his pants and wiggling them off. All awhile staring at me, since he is creepy like that.

He scooted backwards his boxers being pulled down a little. I turned on a lamp beside my bed, walking over to my door locking it and shutting off my light then walking back over to the bed where Jeffree sat running his hands down the covers of the bed to make his sweaty hands dry again.

I slowly crawled onto the bed giving the nervous boy a small smile. Jeffree gave me an uneasy one. I crawled onto his lap and brought his lips to mine once again.

Jeffree slide his hands down my back to my butt, pushing me up to where our crouches touched. Jeffree leaned against the headboard, moving my body in an up and down fashion where we were rubbing against each other.

I got the message and started moving my hips to the way he wanted and moaned against his lips. He turned his head and leaned it against my shoulder smothering his pants and moans. The headboard started to rock and hit against the wall so I slowed down a little.

Jeffree tried to get me to go fast again but I rose up too my knees where I was pressed against his stomach whenever he did.

I stayed on my knees when he tried it again and got off him.

"I'm sorry," he said in a low voice gripping one of his hands to my waist. I pushed myself off the bed, landing on my knees by the bed then bent to look under the bed for a box.

"What are you doing?" He asked moving closer to the edge. I didn't answer him but just reached under the bed with one hand and the other hand going up on the bed to where his crouch was and started rubbing him.

He gasped and jerked his hips up moving closer to the edge now that he was sitting on the edge my body in between his legs. I grabbed a shoebox that was hidden by another box and pulled it out. I sat up moving the box in-between my legs, opening the box I pulled out a box of condoms and a tube of lube.

I removed my hand from Jeffree and stood up placing the newfound items on my bedside table. He looked at them then back to me. I stripped off my boxers and Jeffree did the same quickly. Jeffree slid back on the bed.

I grabbed a condom and the lube getting on the bed, handing Jeffree the condom he ripped it open dropping the condom at first then picking it up and sliding it on. I opened the lube and spread it on two fingers. Lubing myself up and doing a quick stretching job. Jeffree watched, grabbing the lube and spreading it across himself too.

I wiped my hand off on his boxers that were still on the bed then handed them to Jeffree who took it without looking.

Jeffree grabbed my hips and pulled me to where I was on my knees straddling him. He lay down on my bed and waited until I was ready to lower myself. I smirked down at him and leaned down to where it looked like I was going to kiss him.

"Are you ready?" I asked him in a lower voice. He nodded and quickly I lowered himself on him.

Oh my god… That hurts. I tried not to let it show but that was somewhat hard to do.

Jeffree had his eyes shut tight. Once half way down I had to stop and debated with myself on weather I should just get up and run away or go the rest of the way with Jeffy here.

Jeffree didn't give me a chose and lifted his hips up, baring the rest of himself in me. I gasp and looked away from him to the wall.

He moaned and lowered himself with me back down to the bed. I frickin' hate this kid.

I leaned down and buried my face in his neck and waited for the ever-lasting pain to go away. I don't think it is. I'm going to die. Jeffree got tired of waiting and started to move as much as I would let him with me on top of him.

Suddenly something happened in me. Oh my… goodness.

Best feeling in the world.

I moaned against Jeffree's neck and rolled my hips trying to get him to do whatever he did again. I lifted myself up off him and kissed him once before getting to the task at hand. To find that spot.

Jeffree was just in bliss when I started to move. He even tried to flip us so we could go at his pace, which is probably faster then mine, but that doesn't happen in my town.

We go at my pace. Enjoying every minute of it. Eventually Jeffree grabbed a hold of my hips and started to move me to his pace. I let him because I'm feeling nice now.

I put my hands on his chest to support myself since he was starting to hit that spot almost every time now.

"Oh god," I moaned as quietly as I could bring my head back to where it probably looked like I was howling at the moon. I'm not though… This just feels amazingly wonderful.

Jeffree started too sped up, groaning almost too loudly now. I quickly leaned down and kissed him before someone in my family came up upstairs. I reached between us and grabbing started pumping myself. Jeffree started going even fast, rocking the bed a little. I didn't care though since I could feel my organism coming up in a storm.

I shivered and came on our chests. I slammed down on him and rocked forward causing Jeffree to come with me. He groaned loudly and laid there panting with me. I slummed down against him and buried my face into his neck.

"I think I love you," he said in a whisper.

"Shush, don't ruin the moment," I whispered back. He chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.

A knock came on my door and my father's voice floated to us, "boys stop fighting."

We didn't say anything and he just walked away. I started to giggled then stopped when I felt Jeffree grow hard in my again.

I started laughing hard causing Jeffree to wiggle.

"I don't think when need to worry about fighting again," I said lifting myself up on him then falling back down.

Jeffree just moaned in agreement.

The end

A/N: This is a one-shot. If you want to know what happened to them in the future... I'll B.S some. Like... They get caught and everyone is okay with it. They die old. If their is a random name in here for the main charatcer please tell me because I couldn't remembered if I named him. I forget to do that sometimes.