In my Sister's Dress…

in my Sister's Dress

He was a cute basketball player that mistaken me for a girl that asked me to a dance at his school. I, of course, said yes. Since I was a lonely gay teenager with nothing to do…

When he asked me, it was in the afternoon and it was fall so it was somewhat chilly out. He and his friends were playing basketball at the court and I was at the sideline with my best friend, Mary, watching them play sipping on some Diet Pepsi.

My friend was the one who spotted them coming over first and she of course started freaking out. I looked up at them as they stopped in front of us.

I bet he wouldn't have thought I was a girl if I wasn't wearing my friend's Amish like skirt and make-up. Maybe if my hair didn't come to my shoulders then either.

He was kind of like the leader of the pack because he was the first one to speak up.

"Hi, we noticed you sitting here and thought we would come over," he said as he looked over my girlish body. I looked down at my loose wool coat then back at him and smiled.

My friend who was blushing innocently spoke up so he looked at her.

"Well we were getting bored so if you would like to sit down or something and talk," she said innocently then adding, "Or something."

He nodded to his friends and they sat down on the grass with us. He of course sat right next to me so close that our arms brushed. One the four of his friends sat in between my friend and I since we weren't that close anyway.

"So what's your name?" His friend asked me.

"Morgan," I said in a gentle girly voice. His friend blushed at the way I said it.

"My name is Brad," my basketball player said getting my attention. I turned my head to him and smiled.

"Pleasure to meet you," I said then turned back to his friend and waited for his name.

"John," he said softly looking down at his lap with a cute little blush covering his cheeks.

"John," Brad said in a dark voice, "why don't you talk to her friend?"

John glanced at his 'leader' then hurried and turned to Mary who was talking to other one of his friends.

I looked at Brad and stared at him until he placed his eyes back on my face.

"So how old are you?" he asked leaning a little backwards making me turn a little around.

"Eighteen," I answered.

"Oh," he said looking away a little then back to my face, "I'm sixteen."

"So only two years younger," I said leaning back with him making sure to put my hand on his. He smiled and glanced at our hands.

We continued to talk for a while before some of his friends had to go back home.

"Do you have to go home?" I asked softly in his ear. He shook his head no. I stood up and brushed the back of my skirt off and turned around to him to watch him scramble up. He was only a little taller then I but he still has a way to go.

"We're going to the swings," I said to Mary who was now talking to John. She waved me off and continued to giggle at whatever. I grabbed Brad's hand and pulled him along to the swings.

It was going on evening so hardly anyone was at the park but maybe one homeless person who was making a bed in the slide. I sat on one of the swings and he plopped down on the one next to me. I pushed a little hearing the nice squeaking noise of the chains rubbing metal against metal.

Brad watched me for a while before he climbed off his swing and got behind me to push me. He continued to push me for a while before grabbing the chains and pulling me to a stop.

"Do you want to go to a dance with me?" He said in a rush. I wasn't looking at him but I'm sure he was blushing. I shrugged my shoulders a little. "I mean I can pay for you and everything! And pick you up…" he trailed off.

"Sure," I said and got off the swing.

"Really?" he questioned following me to where ever I was going. I plopped down on the ground near the swings and waited for him to sit down next to me, closer this time.

I nodded to his really and leaned on him a little. He took a deep breathe then let it out away from me. I looked up and he was still staring off into space with a smile on his face. I leaned up and pecked him on the side of his jaw then looked away innocently. He moved a little so that he was leaning back a little farther. I turned around to face him fully and kissed him straight on the mouth.

I ended up on top of him just doing some soft-core kissing.

"What's your number?" I asked sitting up. He looked at my lips then to the side and pushed me off to the side so he could get into his pocket.

I pulled out my cell phone from my coat pocket and we switched phones so we could put our numbers in.

I handed him back his cell-phone when I was done. He blushed and handed mine back also.

He raised his cell-phone up so the camera on it was on my face. I smiled and stuck my tongue out as he took the picture.

"Cute," he laughed saving it.


A week past since than and his dance is today, Saturday. I sat on my sister's bed as she got ready for work for the store down the store.

"Don't touch my stuff," she warned then patting me on head like I was a two year old before leaving her room leaving me in there alone. I waited until I head the front door of the apartment slam shut then a few more minutes to make sure she didn't come back before I started going through her closet.

I pulled out her thin black and white dress that came to my knees. I put it on her bed then left the room to go take a shower so I would be clean.


I put the last touch of make-up on and fixed my hair clips so they were prefect. My hair was pinned up in a fashionable style that made me look even more like a girl. I smoothed my dress down and looked at my fake boobs; they are fake ones that my sister wears sometimes to make men look at her more.

I sighed and got one of my sister's purses putting make-up in it then my cell-phone and some cash, along with my cigarettes.

I lifted my dress up and fixed my girl underwear some then let the dress fall again. I bought my own underwear since wearing my sister's would've been weird.

My cell-phone rang and I fished it out of the purse, "Hello?" I questioned.

"I'm outside now," Brad stated.

"Okay," I said hanging up without a goodbye or anything which probably worried him so he thought he was late or something like that.

I grabbed my sister's extra coat slipping it on along with some matching high heals that go with my dress.

I walked up the stairs that lead up to the ground since I lived in an apartment that was under ground. I opened the door and Brad stood up straight holding some kind of flower thing. I walked to him and smiled taking the flower.

"For me?" I questioned even though I knew it was.

"Yeah," he breathed looking me over, "you look great." He said gulping.

"You too," I said pinning the flower to my coat then putting a hand on his arm, "Shall we?" I asked. He nodded quickly and led me to my side of the car opening the door for me.

He ran to his side and hopped in starting the car. I looked around the car, it smelt like roses and cigarettes. There was some McDonald's bag in the back seat.

He dove on watching the road carefully and holding the wheel tightly like it was going to jump and crash us. I smiled and turned away from him looking out the window.


The dance was quick.

I meet ALL of his friends, which is a lot, we danced, and he got really touchy feely since his friends were there so he had to show off. I ended up stepping on his toe so he would stop feeling me up then pinched his side.

We now sat in the woods in an opening on the outskirts of town, me on top of the hood, him talking to his friends near me somewhere. I pulled out my cigarettes pushing one out and in my lips. I covered one side with my hand and light it with the other. I dropped my hands and took a puff of my cigarette.

Brad yelled something that made me look over to him and his friends. He was holding a bottle up and they were all high fiving. I frowned at them crossing my legs over the edge of the car and puffed on my cigarette some more.

I would be talking to the few girls that would've came but they all had to go home or else they would be grounded. I rolled my eyes as they bark at the moon and at each other. I looked out into the trees puffing on my cigarette. I glanced at Brad then slide off the hood making my way towards the woods farther from them to smoke in private and I think my boob is falling off. I fix myself and leaned against a tree staring off into the darkness at the woods. I frowned around my cigarette and took a deep breath of it.

I lowered it to my side and breathed the smoke into the air.

"Hey," a voice said from beside me. I jumped, turning to looking at the male. I stared for a moment then calmed when I saw it was John, Brad's little friend.

"Hi," I said smiling leaning back against the tree. He moved closer to me so he was hidden behind the tree too.

"She told me," he said quietly. I glanced at him then rolled my head towards him.

I took a puff of my cigarette then asked, "She? And told you what?"

"Your friend, when you and Brad went off, she told me you were a boy," he said quietly like his friends could hear us. Though I know they couldn't. I smiled at him and put my cigarette out on the tree then drop it on the ground. I rolled so my fake breasts were pressed up against his chest.

"Do you have a problem with that?" I asked reaching up so my lips were almost on his. He let out a breath and shook his head 'no'. I let out a small laugh and pressed my lips against his.

I pulled back and he leaned forward and kissed me again, pulling me tightly against him. I let out a small noise when his hand moved up under my dress to my inner thigh.

"Hey!" Brad's voice yelled to us. John went to pull back but I kept him where he is. I licked the roof on his mouth and he leaned more into me so we were pressed like wet leafs to each other.

"Morgan! John! Peter!" Some of the guys yelled out. I let out a soft moan when John lifted me so I had my back roughly against the tree and my legs wrapped around his waist.

"Peter! Have you seen Morgan and John?" Brad asked.

"No," Peter said.

"Maybe their having sex somewhere," someone suggests causing a laugh out of everyone.

"Shut up," Brad said.

John pulled away and lowered me to the ground, "we should go," he whispered. I nodded and fixed myself and brushed of my back and fixed my hair.

He went out before me and I followed behind him, biting my lip and looking around like I was looking for something.

"Hey, where were you guys?" Brad asked walking up to me and John. John looked lost for words.

I gave Brad a small smile, "I saw a bunny in the woods and I wanted a closer look," I lied easily, "John came with me so I didn't get mauled by a bear or something."

"Ah," Brad said and shook his head like saying, 'such a girl'. I slide up to Brad and pressed my lips to his neck.

"I want to go home," I said smoothly.

"Okay," he said in a whisper looking down at me. He pressed his lips to mine and whispered, "In a minute."

I sighed as he walked away from me taking John with him. I took my sit back on Brad's car, rolling my eyes at the boy's actions.

High school boys are so stupid.


I somehow knew this date would end up with me pressed to the backseat of his car with Brad having too much fun with my fake boobs.

I pushed Brad to get off me. He groaned but backed away, sitting up. I sat up to and pressed a kissed to his lips.

"I'm not in the mood," I said softly. He just stared at me with a look of disbelief. "But I'm willing to do something for you," I whispered against his lips.

He shivered when I slide my hands down his chest to his pants. He leaned back more too where he was leaning against the car door. I bit my lip and opened the flips to his pants. He moaned when I slid my hands in his pants. I smiled and lowered my head to get right to business.

I pulled his 'member' out of his pants and slid my mouth down on him right away. He shivered and let out a nice big moan. I felt myself hardening but I ignored it and moved up and down on him.

After doing this for five minutes, he tensed, grabbing a hold of my head keeping in one spot. I gave him a hard suck and he came into my mouth. I continued to suck until he was done and started to soften in my mouth. I pulled back swallowing and sat up looking at his flushed face.

"Bye," I said softly. He pulled his pants up and watched me leave his car.

"Can I call you?" he called after me. I turned and replied that I wouldn't pick up.

He just stared at me and I turned back around to walk into my apartment building.


I slipped out of my sister's dress, hanging it back in her closet then went into the bathroom to shower and get ready for bed.

When I exited the bathroom, my sister's boyfriend was standing in his boxers in front of the door.

"Hey Tex," I purred. He glared at me and pushed past me to use the bathroom. I rolled my eyes at his back and went into my room to go to sleep to dream of cute naïve basketball players.

Maybe I'll give John a call…

The End