"What on earth happened to you?"

Julie's light blue eyes were wide as I stepped into the house and she eyed me up and down. I pressed my lips together to keep myself from screaming and taking my anger out on her but simply shrugged before heading towards the stairs; I just wanted to get out of these wet clothes and take a warm shower.

"Charlene, I'll call you back." Julie hung up the phone before walking after me, "Evangeline, you're getting the house all wet."

"Sorry." I replied, not feeling sorry at all.

"Well, what happened?" She snapped, suddenly grabbing my arm, "You weren't attacked or something on your way here, were you? And why didn't you take the bus?"

She was probably afraid that my attackers had followed me all the way here. I pulled my arm out of her grasp before muttering that I wasn't attacked but rather 'it was an accident' and 'not to worry about it' (though she probably didn't). She watched me silently go up the stairs and then left to go back to the living room.

My thoughts were to first go take a shower (I was freezing my ass off!) but curiosity got the best of me and I wondered if Lucas had replied to my email. Eh; what was another few more seconds of being cold? I sat down at my desk and turned on my laptop; running a hand through my wet and messy hair as I waited.

"Yes," I whispered, "One new message."

With a smile on my lips as I opened the email I had received:


That's great; I'll see you this weekend then.

Jacob and Andrew are fine; they both miss you immensely (Andrew especially; you were a great source of amusement to him, you know that?). Oh, about Alice, don't worry about her...she's just being Alice (upset over little things). I'm sure she'll fill you in once you come and visit.

Love you little Angel

I smiled at the beginning but couldn't help but frown in worry; so Alice really was upset about something? What could have possibly bothered her? I sighed a little before typing back.


I don't have much to say; just wanted to confirm that I got your email :) Yes, I'm quite aware that I'm a source of amusement for Andrew since he's laughing at me 85 percent of the time. Tell him I miss him too (and Jacob too of course).

See you this weekend.

After pressing the 'send' button and turning off my laptop I decided it was time for that warm shower.

"So what happened yesterday? I saved you a spot on the bus but you never came."

I was currently in biology class, sitting next to Seth as usual, and rapidly writing down what the teacher was explaining in my notebook (paying extra attention in class helped me keep my mind off a certain jackass). I glanced at Seth from the corner of my eye, never pausing in my note taking, and shrugged my shoulders.

"I needed the exercise."

He raised an eyebrow at me and it was obvious that he had seen through my lie. I tried to ignore his stare though, biting my cheek and writing down the notes even faster than before; I was going to ace the next bio exam let me tell you that. Seth wasn't backing down though, so when I finally got tired of being stared at, I sighed in frustration and explained what happened.

"Woah," Seth blinked as I finished, "I'm surprised you didn't catch a cold walking home when you're soaking wet from head to toe."

"Me too." I blew a strand of hair out of my face, "I didn't think the jackass would go that far."

"Tsk, tsk...Evangeline, this his high school, filled with immature students that know no limits. Robin will stop at nothing until he is satisfied."

"Well, that's fine." I closed my notebook at the sound of the bell, "Because I'm not going to stop until I'm satisfied."

Seth quickly picked up his books and followed me outside of class. We both walked down the hallway, trying not to bump into anyone as we continued our conversation.

"What do you have planned exactly?" Seth's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Not sure yet." I shrugged, "But one thing I know; Robin Davidson is going down."

Suddenly, an arm wrapped itself around my and Seth's shoulder. We both knew who it was before even looking, Anna had appeared between our two bodies.

"I only heard the last part of your conversation but I sure as hell liked it." She smirked, "What did he do to get you so fired up?"

"He just made me realize the severity of the situation."

She raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Since Anna doesn't take the bus home (her older brother Mike picks her up from school), she had no way of knowing that I had missed the bus yesterday and therefore had nothing to be suspicious about. Seth didn't wait long before he filled her in.

"Hm; that's not so bad."

"Not so bad?" I turned to give Anna a look of disbelief, "I had to walk home completely wet!"

"No, no; I mean it's bad coming from your typical bully but this is Robin. "

"Hm." Seth suddenly said, "I see your point."

"Point?" I panicked, "What point? What are you guys talking about?"

"Let me explain," Anna began, "Robin Davidson would settle for something like this for his normal targets, but you are not a normal target. You're in a much more dangerous zone. You see, Robin wants to give you a social death, meaning he wants to publicly humiliate you and beat you to the ground." She slammed her fist into the palm of her hand, "But what he did yesterday was not humiliating at all because no one was there to witness it. It just succeeded in making you really angry and miserable; which was also one of his goals."

I paused for a moment to consider her words. "So you're saying that now that the pissing me off part has begun; he's going to start attacking publicly."

"Exactly." She snapped her fingers.

The bell rung and we realized we were late for our next class. Anna and Seth had Math while I had English. Lucky for me; the English teacher was always late so I wouldn't be caught entering class after the bell.

"Evangeline." Brooke's voice reached my ears as soon I got in class, "Come sit here."

Naturally, she meant the desk next to hers. I gave her a small smile as I took my seat and put down my books. Like I said; the teacher had yet to arrive so I decided to keep myself occupied by playing sudoku (such an addictive game).

"So I heard about what my jerk of a brother did yesterday." Brooke said as she brought her desk closer to mine, "How are you going to get back at him?"

"Don't know yet." I said honestly, "How did you find out?"

"He was talking about it non-stop to his friends at home yesterday." She rolled her eyes, "Idiot."


"Lucky for you I'm on your side." Her lips formed into a devilish smile, "Meet me at the boy's locker room right after lunch."

"Okay..." I gave her a strange look, "What are you planning?"

"Trust me; you'll love it."

"Brooke!" I hissed, "What are we doing?"

She didn't answer but looked around to make sure there were no witnesses before she suddenly pulled me into the men's locker room. I gasped at her actions and questioned her sanity as she released her grip on me and walked towards one of the lockers, yanking it open.

"Brooke ," I glared at her, "We're suppose to be in class right now."

"Relax babe," She smirked, "This'll totally be worth it."

I raised an eyebrow at her as she set down her as bag and she pulled out a small ziplock bag, which contained some type of powder. I didn't say anything as she pulled out the clothes from the locker she had opened, but when she began pouring the powder in the clothes, I couldn't help but speak.

"What are you doing?"

And that's when I realized it...

"Those are Robin's clothes, aren't they?" I asked.

"Bingo." She winked at me, "About time you caught on."

"And that's..."

"Itching powder." She finished for me.

I grinned. "Have I ever mentioned how much I love you?"

"You could say it more often." She joked, "Okay, gym class is almost over so the boys will probably be coming in soon—"

Our eyes widen in horror when we heard loud male laughter coming closer; shit, they were already coming in! We were so excited about the stupid prank we forgot the teacher allows students to leave fifteen minutes before the bell rings so they have time to shower and change before their next class.

"Oh my god—" Brooke put her hand over my mouth before I could aware anyone of our presence.

"This way." She whispered.

She pulled me into one of the showers with her and then closed the curtains. She made sure that we went to the last one in the end, which someone was less likely to choose (according to her).

"—You know Finn, you'd be much more helpful in gym if you actually paid attention rather than flirt with the girls." I recognized Robin's voice.

"It's not my fault they're hot." Finn replied. "Besides, its not just me, Joshua was practically drooling over Jenny Dawson's ass."

"Guilty." An unfamiliar voice replied.

I rolled my eyes; men were so unoriginal, could the only thing they talk about be girls and sex? Us girls weren't like that...okay; I wasn't like that...Brooke certainly was. My breath caught in my throat and Brooke's eyes widen as we heard the sound of footsteps getting closer. We looked at each other in panic and began praying that no one would catch us.

Things turned for the worse however as fingers curled around the shower curtain and pulled them open.

Seth's eyes were wide as he saw Brooke and me hiding in the showers and he rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing well. Meanwhile, Brooke had been so surprised that she let out a scream; which caused everyone to look in Seth's direction (he was visible, we were not). When Seth realized his situation he chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I-I saw a spider..." He told his classmates, "...and I scream like a girl."

"What a loser." One of his classmates snorted after a while.

I would have laughed if the situation had not been so serious but I was just concentrating on keeping my hand over Brooke's mouth to make sure she didn't scream again. Seth seemed confused and didn't know what to do, he kept glancing back and forth between us and his classmates.

"Right," He cleared his throat; "I'll just go in the shower now."

Brooke and I both glared at Seth as he came into the shower with us (still wearing his boxers thank god) and closed the curtains behind him. Now the three of us were squished inside a smalls shower and we have no freaking idea what to do.

"Seth!" I whispered harshly, "What are you doing?"

"I...don't know?"

Idiot; he probably liked the situation since he was so close to the famous Brooke Davidson.

"Fuck." I heard Robin hiss.

"What's wrong?" Finn asked.

"Fuck...What the fuck is this?! My skin is freaking—"

Brooke and I glanced at each other and grinned; it seemed like our itching powder had begun to work its magic. Seth, who noticed our evil looks, looked down at us with suspicion and a raised eyebrow; I could see the accusation in his eyes 'girls are evil' .

"R-Robin what are you—"

"It fucking itches!" He roared.

"Brooke," I whispered to her, struggling to keep my laughter inside, "How much did you put?"

She smirked devilishly at me. "Enough."

Evangeline: 2 Robin: 1

To be continued

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