The Soldier

The lights go out,

It's time for bed,

A light left on,

A story read.

A kiss goodnight,

Upon a cheek,

"I miss Daddy"

Makes her go weak.

"Daddy's fighting,

For our country Jake."

Wiping a tear from his eye,

"He has the doggie you told him to take."

"I miss him Mommy,

Nothing feels right.

I want to call him,

And tell him goodnight."

He's going to call

Just like any day,

To tell his family,

That he is okay.

But this time it's different,

It's not his sweet tone,

It's a desperate sound,

That escapes the phone.

"Your husband's suffered a blow,

It was to the head,"

She falls to the floor,

Her husband was dead.

How would she go on,

Her son's only two.

"How could you do this?

I loved you!"

Everyone gathers,

And remembers his face,

The soldier that died,

No one could replace.

Some soldiers stood up and unhooked the mic,

"Listen everyone, listen close.

This man up here didn't die in vain,

Dying is something that he chose.

"The death of this soldier,

Cuts through us like knives.

You may not know him,

But this man saved our lives."