Suicide – Don't Do It

Suicide – Don't Do It

You left this world

In such a bad way

Suicide is how you went

You didn't want to stay

I want to hear your voice

And talk to you again

But I know I can't

This adds to the pain

I just want to see you

To be with you once more

To say good bye to you

My best friend that I adored

You caused me such agony

You brought me to tears

You took away all I had

To stop your own fears

For that I hate you

And always will

But you were my best friend

And you are still

I could never hate you truly

You had your reasons to go

You could've said goodbye

But then we would have known

We'd have tried to stop you

And that you didn't want

You wanted to end life

For life was what would haunt

You got your wish

Your life has been ended

But mine still goes on

Just as you intended

You stopped me dying

Then died yourself later on

Leaving me here alone

To be sad and to mourn

Thank you for stopping me

I wish I had stopped you

Then I wouldn't be alone here

As I'd have you too