Title: Artistic View
Author: MyCookiesNotYours
Genre: Supernatural.
Rating: K+
Word Count:
A/N: My friend Hana is co-writing this story, and will probably do most of the spell checking because, let's face it, even though I'm a grammar nut, I still make some typos.

In downtown Spokane Elijah sat upon a giant red wagon, the kind you'd see children carting around, with a notebook in her hand.

She had been sitting atop the structure for over an hour, sketching the clock tower, and the people walking around.

At first she'd just been at Riverfront park so her brother could take a few pictures on top of the wagon, but now that she had seen the view, she just couldn't let that opportunity pass.

But she knew her mother would start to worry if they didn't leave really soon. They were expected to meet down at the Convention Center in a couple hours, but they had to go back to their Hotel room to grab some money, and pack up their things.

They had spent a week roaming around Spokane while their mother was in various business meetings with her co-workers about their firm's relocation, and new attorneys starting.

Truthfully, Elijah couldn't care less, because it just meant more time away from her mom. Her brother Morgan was pretty happy about it though, to him it meant more parties.

Elijah had more time to paint, instead of spending it dealing with Morgan, the boy just didn't know when to quit. Morgan wanted to be a lawyer just like his mom, so if he had to deal with Elijah for the rest of his life, at least he'd know which ways NOT to kill her.

Elijah always joked around about how Morgan wanted to be just like their mom, and how she wanted to be just like their dad, Morgan didn't find it funny though, because it always went something like this;

"Hey mom, looks like Morgan's not the man of the family, I am."

"You're right, you do look like a man."

"You're just jealous I'm going to be successful like dad, well, you may be successful too, but at least I'm not going to be stuck in a god forsaken office all day, complaining how much my life sucks."

"You will not with ass kissing skills like those."

"As apposed to your 'I'm-so-pathetic-you-should-pity-me' attitude you give mom every time she tries to make you do something?"

To Morgan, Elijah was just another annoyance, same in Elijah's eyes about Morgan.

To their mom, they were both annoyances, but she loved them anyway.

Elijah checked her watch.

"Hey, Morgan! We have to leave in like, five minutes!" Morgan grumbled, then climbed up the steps.

"Yeah, yeah, I know... I just wish we could stay for a couple more days." Elijah finished her sketch by putting her autograph in the bottom right corner.

Morgan grabbed her backpack, and slid down the slide, leaving her with the notebook in her hands. She slid down after him, yelling for him to slow down.

When Elijah and Morgan arrived at the Convention Center, their mom was nowhere to be found.

"Ellie, do you think she left without us... again?" Elijah's eye twitched, she remembered the last time their mother had left them in the town they were staying in.


Elijah was walking down the street with her brother, holding her cellphone in one hand, her brother's hand with the other.

"Pick up mom, pick up!" Elijah started walking faster, making Morgan have to speed up also.

"Don't freak out, we're not seven anymore, we're both over twelve!" Morgan rolled his eyes.

"You may be twelve, but that doesn't make you mature. We're barely over the age of twelve and you're only two minutes older than me." Elijah gripped his hand tighter.

Morgan sighed. When had she become so scared of being without mom? She never had, until now. But Morgan guesses it was different now, they weren't in Las Vegas anymore, they were Detroit, what they called the city of strangers.

"She's not picking up her phone, which means she's either in a meeting, or... On a plane back home." Elijah snapped her phone shut then shook her head.

"Whatever we'll just trade in our tickets for earlier flights." Elijah stopped dead in her tracks, looking at Morgan is if he had grown a third head, because she believed he was born with two. But then the weirdest thing happened... She smirked.

"No, Morgan... We'll exchange them for later flights, and make mom feel how we feel." Elijah continued down the street, and walked into their hotel.

The next morning Elijah woke up to Morgan screaming "Spider! Elijah kill it!" Elijah chuckled before rolling up a newspaper and swatting the poor thing out of their hotel room.

"You should've killed it!" Morgan yelled.

"Probably, because you know, it might bring reinforcements." Elijah mused.

Morgan stuck his tongue out, then went straight for the coffee pot emptying it.

"By the way, I changed the tickets online, so now we won't leave for two more days. It said that we just have to give the information to person at the desks, and well you know the rest."

Elijah jumped on to the bed, and reached for her notebook, nearly falling when she did. Morgan laughed when that happened, causing Elijah to scowl.

"You got as much balance as a monkey has scales."

"You have as much grammar as fish on crack."

"You GOT as much sense as much as our neighbor has hair on his head."

"You have as much wittiness as Douglas has looks."

"So you're saying Douglas is hot?"

"No, I'm saying your not witty in the least."

"Fat chance, Klutzerella."

"Mozerella meatloaf."

"What the hell?"

"Meat loaf with mozerella cheese."

Morgan slapped his forehead, and Elijah laughed maniacally. "I have won this round Dr. Meatloaf!"

"Miss Klutzerella, you may have won this battle, but the war is not over."

"Eat pond scum, you lowly peasant!"

"Kiss my feet, you gnomish dwarf!" Morgan and Elijah started wrestling, but stopped after breaking into fits of laughter.

Elijah picked up her notebook, and Morgan flipped it open.

"Ah, so that's what you were drawing."

"Yeah... It's just too bad we can't keep traveling around."

"It is... But don't you think it would be cool if we could like jump through pictures and stuff?"

"Have you been watching Blues Clues again?"

"Well, maybee... But still, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, I wish we could!"

"Let's go wish on a star!"

"Morgan, it's in the middle of the day!"

"So? There's got to be stars out there somewhere!"

"Ah whatever..." Elijah and Morgan walked out onto the balcony, looking into the sky. After about three minutes of silence, Elijah spoke up.

"There are no stars."

"There is in China."

"We are not in China."

"So?" Elijah rolled her eyes, smiling at her brother's ignorance.

They counted to three..."Star light, star bright, first star I see.. tonight...wish I may, wish I might, may we have this wish tonight? I wish we could travel through paintings, into cities, and back." They chanted.

They sometimes wondered how they knew what the other was thinking, but dismissed as more twin bullshit. It's just twin telepathy, no big deal.