Title: Artistic View
Author: MyCookiesNotYours
Genre: Supernatural.
Rating: K+
Word Count:
A/N: My friend Hana is co-writing this story, and will probably do most of the spell checking because, let's face it, even though I'm a grammar nut, I still make some typos.

The day that they were supposed to leave, Morgan refused to wake up, and Elijah was getting rather pissed off.

Elijah grabbed the ice bucket and ran out the door, only to run back before it shut because she forgot her key in the room.

Several minutes later, Elijah opened the door, stalked over to Morgan's bed, and dumped the ice on his bare stomach.

"HYAA! COLD! COLD! ELIJAH!!" Morgan jumped out of bed and chased a screaming Elijah around the room dozens of times, before storming into the bathroom muttering some extremely colorful words under his breath.

"Don't know why he doesn't do what he's told."

Elijah removed her clothes from the drawers, and packed them in her blue suitcase, while Morgan was in the bathroom. She twitched as she remembered her bra was still hanging on the shower rail.

"Elijah!" She rolled her eyes, knowing her brother would throw a hissy fit. He slammed the bathroom door open, and threw her bra on her face, which he laughed at.

"Stop being such a baby Morgan, it's just a bra. I didn't flip out when you left your jock strap in MY bedroom, how the heck it got there I don't know... But still." Morgan huffed, and stalked back into the bathroom.

Maybe today would be a little better than normal, maybe she wouldn't call, instead just forget for a couple days. If they were lucky. If Elijah was lucky, she dearly wished her mom wouldn't call, panicking, constantly reminding her how much of a bad parent she was, becuase truthfully, she hated the whole self-pity thing, it was too depressing.

Soon after she dismissed her thoughts, Morgan opened the door, and walked over to the bed to get his clothes. He hurried and dressed, then crammed his belongings in his own red suitcase.

Morgan jumped onto the bed, exhaling sharply as he did so, startling Elijah. When she turned around to face Morgan, she stopped, looked up, and saw the most beautiful painting she'd ever layed her eyes on. Gasping at the breathtaking sight, she stepped forward, but tumbled, and as she flew towards the wall, but all she thought was; OW.

But there was no impact, only the wind blowing through her hair. A sudden queasinees wrapped itself around her, and she was about to be sick to her stomach, but she halted to a stop mid flight.

She looked up and saw a sleeve, an arm, a hand, wrapped around her own arm. She saw a new portal, the one it came out of, and she viciously tried pulling herself up, in vain.

She slipped out of the person's grasp, but the person quickly grabbed on again. Thankfully the person had opted to pull her up, because she had fallen unconscious when the rush of adrenaline swept over her.


When she came to there was a pair of brown eyes staring into her own green eyes. She freaked. She kicked, screamed, clawed, anything to get away from this person.

"Calm down! I just saved your life!" She let her arms slack to her side, but kept her distance.

"My name is Devin, who're you?" She sat up straight, and replied. "I'm Eli. Well, actually Elijah... But please call me Eli." He nodded.

She searched around with her eyes, hoping to find some clue as to where she was. Yeah, no luck.

"I was just about to jump to Minneapolis, then I saw you. How'd you end up getting there?"

"I fell..." He laughed, while she grumbled. "You're saying you jumped by falling?"

She nodded, sort of understanding what he meant by 'jump'.

"How long have you been jumping?" She shook her head. "Never. Not until just then."

He furrowed his eye brows, confused as to why it would happen just by falling.

"Surely there had to be some painting or picture, or something--" "There was, I was going to go look at it, it was in my hotel room, and I tripped, and then... Boom! I was falling from the sky!"

"Well we better get you back to where you came from."

" 'We'? No, see, I can't go anywhere with you. Yes I know you saved my life, and for that I am grateful, but if my mom hears that I ditched my brother in Spokane, even though I technically didn't, she'd ground me for life.


"Were you even listening, or were you just replaying your own voice in your head?"

The boy furrowed his eyebrows yet again, and crossed his arms over his chest. "That's mean."

"You're childish."

"You're rude."

Elijah huffed, and closed her eyes, just willing him to go away. He looked over to the painting on the left wall.

"I suppose we could go to a travel center, and use the train." Elijah opened her eyes, and looked around.

"Hm, great idea... Except there's one thing I lack, and most probably you do too."


"MONEY." He laughed nervously. "Well, I hadn't thought of that, besides, we could stow away."

"I am not a criminal, and do not wish to become one." Elijah stood up, and stared at the painting, then came up with an idea. It would certainly take a bit of time, considering the painting was not of Spokane, but they'd have to manage.

"Where is that?"

"Where's what? Oh! The painting, it's Pendleton!" She sighed, it was in Oregon. "But there is a museum in Pendleton! And with my luck there's got to be a painting of Washington!"

"Stop shouting, I'm right here." He chuckled. "Yeah, but your so hard-headed, if I don't shout it might not get through."

"Morgan. Devin. Devil. Monster. Incarnate. Eaten by a swarm of pancakes..." "WTF?"

"Never mind... Anyways, where are we right now?"

"In my house... Oh right, city state... Moses Lake, Idaho."

"Fan-frikkin-tastic... Well, we better start.. 'Jumping'..." She said as she put air quotations.