Author's Note: Welcome to Bunny. I hope you enjoy your stay. Now, this story is going to be T, because even though it revolves around a serial killer and her murders, I do not believe I'll get so gorey to make it an M rating. However, it would be greatly appritiated if any of the readers inform me if I should change the rating, if it does seem to be more mature then I think it is. With that said, please enjoy.

Bunny sees everything.

Bunny tells me everything.

Bunny was the one who told me to kill the bad men.

I remember the first day Bunny spoke to me exactly.

Six years ago a bad man broke into my Mommy's house. I was hiding underneath the stairs like she told me to, holding Bunny close to me as I watched the man abuse her. I put my thumb in my mouth to keep from making a sound as she screamed from his beatings. Mommy had told me to be quiet no matter what happened.

Why was this man doing this to Mommy? What had Mommy done to him? We had never seen him before.

Mommy started crying more and begging him to stop when the man unzipped his pants and pinned her down. I didn't understand what was happening and I couldn't move. The only time I knew people would unzip their pants was to go to the bathroom. But why would he pin Mommy down to go to the bathroom when the bathroom was right up the stairs?

That's when I heard Bunny whispering to me. I picked him up and held him in front of me as he explained what the man was doing. Bunny had said the man was raping Mommy, forcing his cock inside of her and tearing her apart. I didn't really understand, but Bunny said it was a very bad thing to do.

Bunny said the man deserved to die for it. Bunny said he deserved to have a knife driven into his body just like his cock was with my Mommy.

When Bunny told me to go get one of the sharp, big knifes Mommy always tells me not to touch I did it. When Bunny told me to stand a few feet behind the man and say "Hello" I did. And when the man turned around with a wicked grin and left my Mommy sobbing, Bunny told me to stab him in the chest. As the man pushed me to the floor and tried to lie on me and do the same to me as he did to Mommy, I held the knife up.

Bunny said it went through his chest like melted butter.

The man started to choke and blood dripped out of the corner of his mouth. Bunny told me to push the knife in deeper, so I did. More blood stained the man's shirt before he suddenly collapsed on top of me, staining my dress and Bunny with his blood too.

Finally the man was rolled off me and I found myself being lifted up by a man in white. I tilted my head and found Mommy sobbing into the chest of another man like the one holding me. Mommy didn't even look up as the man carried me away and when I called out to her, she just seemed to sob harder.

Six years later and Mommy's sobbing again, backed into a corner with me standing over her. She was begging for me to stop just like she had begged that bad man. But I wasn't the bad one, she was.

Bunny explained that to me the night after I killed the first bad man. Mommy thought I was a monster. Mommy was afraid of me for killing that bad man. That's why she never came for me at the hospital. That's why I was taken into a strange family and forced to call them my parents even though I knew they weren't.

As Mommy cried she told me she had never meant for me to turn out like this. Turn out like what? I didn't understand and tilted my head at her. Then she started crying harder, saying she wished she had kept me and that she loved me.

Bunny said she was lying. Bunny said liars were bad people. Bunny said bad people deserved to die.

I held Bunny close to my chest as I crouched down in front of Mommy, holding my bloody knife to her cheek. She froze as I stared straight into her eyes. I could see myself in them. I could see the blood spattered on my face and my clothes. Was that why Mommy was scared of me? Was it because I was covered in blood?

If only she understood. I had to kill bad people. I had to kill all the bad people. Bunny said so.

But I had killed them for Mommy. I killed those people who forced me to call them my parents when they weren't. They were bad people. And now Mommy was.

I dragged the knife down her cheek, watching as the sharp blade cut neatly through her flesh to the bone. Mommy was shaking with pain now and was mute with fear. Even if she wanted to scream she couldn't now. I was cutting through her neck, severing it from her shoulders.

I had intended on running after I killed Mommy. But Bunny said someone was coming and that I needed to hide. I didn't move quickly enough. I still had the knife in my hand when the door opened and police and men in white flooded into the house.

I didn't struggle when they took the knife from me and forced my arms behind my back. Even when they cuffed me and forced me into a big white van I held onto Bunny. Bunny was all that mattered.

Bunny said these men were going to try and make me better.

But I didn't understand. What was wrong with me?

Bunny told me he'd tell me later. Bunny said to trust him. So I did.