Angelina found herself once more inside the metal interrogation room three days later. She playing with Bunny while the doctors busied themselves with some new file they had gotten their hands on. She wasn't really paying attention. Really, wasn't this just a bit rude? They should have done all that before they came to her. Her attention was forced to them though when she found the file being slid across the table at her.

"Miss Mason, we'd like you to take a look at that man," Dr. Clarke said, his excitement from the nights before not dimming yet. "And tell us if he's the murderer you killed six years ago."

She ran her finger down the cover before flipping it open to look at the picture. Bald scalp, acne scarred face, a crude smirk, and dark eyes. Angelina felt herself scowl as she shut the folder. "That was him, yes."

Dr. Clarke took the folder back, trying not to smile too wide. He seemed to be the only doctor to share such enthusiasm though. Dr. Bridges sighed and rubbed at his temples. "Did you tell us everything about the murders before?" He asked Angelina.

Angelina studied him carefully for a few minutes, not quite understanding. "Which murders?"

"This man's victims," Dr. Reese clarified. "More specifically, the old man's murder."

"Oh," Angelina tilted her head. "Of course I know more about it."

"Why didn't you tell us?" Dr. Clarke asked.

"It wasn't important to your task of finding the murderer's body and identity."

"We'd like to know," Dr. Permais said with a small growl.

"Are you reopening the case?"

The doctors all exchanged a look. "Reopening the case?" Dr. Clarke queried, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. "Why would we do that?"

"There's no point to ask for details if you aren't going to use them to reopen the case," Angelina said as she made Bunny dance on the table. "Reopen it and release everything about it again to the public. Remind them of the murders and disclose all the information this time. The details of the girl's murder, the old man, the worker. Show them the identity of the murderer; tell them my side of the story in this. If you do that, I'll tell you the details of the old man's murder."

"Why do you want us to do that?" Dr. Permais frowned. "Are you trying to clear your name? Make yourself look like a saint?"

"No, people can think of me as a monster all they like. It's easier for them to comprehend." Angelina gave Dr. Permais a level look, locking eyes with him before looking at the doctors again as a whole. "I don't care what the public thinks of me. I want all the cases I'm involved with reopened. Not for glory but to give the families of those involved closure. So that they know what really happened to their relatives and that the murderers were punished for their crimes."

The doctors remained quiet for a while. Finally it was Dr. Bridges who broke the silence. "Alright, Miss Mason," He said softly with a nod. "We'll talk to the police about reopening the case."

"And when they have I'll talk." Angelina smiled at them. "I'm not going to waste my breath if it's not going to be used for good." She stopped in making Bunny dance, giggling as she made him bow. "Isn't he a good dancer?" She asked innocently while looking up at the doctors.

Unnerved and unsure of how to answer the doctors simply got up and left as they had nothing else to do with Angelina at the moment. Inside the small room next to the interrogation room the doctors stared at Angelina who was now staring up at the ceiling. "What do we do now?" Dr. Reese asked.

"I'll talk to Nickels about reopening the case," Dr. Bridges sighed, rubbing his hands slightly while leaning against his cane. "That could take a least a week or more though, I don't know what we're supposed to do with Angelina."

"Maybe we should try to learn more about her?" Dr. Clarke suggested. "Learn more about Angelina the person and not the murderer."

"What would the point in that be?" Dr. Permais raised an eyebrow. "We're not paid to learn about her, and she's going to be killed in the end anyway. There's no reason to learn about her."

"She might be more comfortable with us? I just figured it'd give us something to do…" Dr. Clarke sighed, rubbing his arm. "I'll take her back to her cell." He muttered, going back into the room to get Angelina and leaving soon afterwards with the teen.

"He might have a point." Dr. Bridges looked back and forth between the two doctors left with him. "Maybe learning about her will help us more." He went quiet for a minute, thinking and leaving the other two to wonder if he'd go further into why he thought Dr. Clarke had a good idea. However he didn't. "Leon, I want you to talk to her tomorrow, it'll be a good way for you to get involved. And you seem to be very perceptive with what she does and says."

"What about me?" Dr. Reese asked, feeling slightly off putted. "I could talk to her just as well as he could."

"You're too emotional." Dr. Permais stated before turning on his heels and leaving as Dr. Reese started to go off on how she wasn't too emotional.

"Dr. Reese…" Dr. Bridges said tiredly.

So he had to talk to the psychotic girl now? What was he supposed to ask? Dr. Permais sighed with annoyance, running a hand through his hair. Gregory was out of school for a holiday too starting in a few days. Did Bridges want him to bring his son with him to meet a killer?

"Huh, maybe it won't be so bad." Dr. Permais muttered to himself with a smirk. "Maybe she'll kill him."