"The jury rules Thomas Dandry guilty of manslaughter in the 1st degree and criminal possession of weapons in the 4th degree." Judge Scott said. "Thomas Dandry you will be serving life in prison, do you understand this sentence?"

"Yes your honor." Tom said.

We watched as the bailiff took our father away and Pearl and I started crying and I think I saw some tears in Peter's eyes. We looked at our aunt and uncle and they had a look on their face that was full of different emotions, some sad, some happy, some disappointed.

We walked out of the court room and got into the cars to drive back to the house. When we got there, we found a letter waiting in the house. This is what it said:

Dear Rose and Peter Dandry:

You don't know who this is and you'll never find out. But this is the person that truly killed your mother. You've never met me in your life and you never will. You're father shall forever pay the price of my crime…

Someone who knows….

"Who do you think wrote this?" I gasped.

"I don't' know, but whoever did I'm not sure how they know.

"Come on, let's go home." Pearl said, walking up the stairs to get her stuff.

Another 6 and a half hours later we were finally back in Cary, North Carolina. When we got there we unpacked and got settled into our rooms again.

1 year later…

"Come on you guys, we have to get there." I said, ordering Peter to drive faster. We were on our way to our mother's grave and to see our father again.

"Calm down, we're there." Peter said, pulling into the county jail..

We all got out of the car and walked into the jail. We asked to see Thomas Dandry. They lead us into a room and then brought him in.

"Hi daddy." I said, hugging him tightly.

"Hi baby." He said.

"How are you doing?" He asked.

"We're all doing well, Pearl said to tell you that she loves you and that she's sorry she couldn't come down. She had exams." I said.

"Okay." My dad said, "Tell her I love her too."

"We will, how's this place treating you?" Peter asked.

"It's tiring, boring." He replied.

We stayed there and talked for about half an hour before they made us leave. After that we walked out and then went to the cemetery where we saw someone dressed in all black with a hoodie on standing by our mother's grave. We walked over to them curiously.

"Hello." I said, "How did you know her?" I asked the hooded person.

"She was someone I knew." He responded in a soft gruff voice.

"Okay." I said.

He turned around and looked at us, realizing it was her children. He reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out a gun before firing 4 shots, two in each of us…