"Early to School"


The sky is cloudy; the earth is grey.

The air is dark, but yet it's day.

They yell, they fight, with street lights alight,

While people are asleep in this frigid night.


Then the sun arises, hidden in the clouds,

Overshadowed by those dark and dreary shrouds.

And the cars are rushing, rushing, rushing,

Far beneath the sky—rushing, rushing, rushing

Up until they die.


Through the crowded city, with buildings to the sky,

People running far beneath, where the shadows lie.

Cars honking, lights flashing, people everywhere are dashing—

People with backpacks, knapsacks, and carts,

Never ceasing, speed increasing—with shallow empty hearts.


A grey, sterile institution with halls of hollow sound.

Footsteps, whispers, and metallic locker-clanks resound.

Loneliness and isolation even in a group,

Living life in endless circulation, living in a loop.