Lost in the Dark and Not Getting Very Far

What's gone is gone, but that's about all
Because when the feelings are ignited they can never be repressed
With the pain and the hurt and the anger on the rise
Enter the realm of erratic disbelief

And what comes next?
You can't just forget
Changing to someone who has nothing and lost everything
Extinguishes another weak light of truth

But don't lose hope; destroy it instead
And remember the day the flame was first lit
Lost in the dark, a way can't be found
Justification won't get anyone very far

So it's a matter of sensitivity and weakness for both the candle and the lantern
Two different feelings; similarities and differences melted into one
Now the dance's pace picks up
Intoxicating in its every step

Withered and withdrawn the candle won't illuminate anything again
And what of the lantern that will dwindle and diminish without the candle's once-brilliant glow?
He will peter out, a ghost of what he used to be with her
Leaving her to try and rekindle the fire, but one cannot make up what two barely kept alive

And forever will she watch for a way and wait for a time that won't appear because neither exists in this dark realm of erratic, unceasing, utter disbelief

And forever will I want you to review this poem! Anything goes.