Author's Note: I thought about this while I was reading a series called Vampire Kisses. If you like vampires you should check out that series.

Vampires the Immortal Being

by Lirriea

Vampires live in our hearts and souls as immortal beings of the night. People say that they suck blood and sleep in coffins so we fear. But what if that fear wasn't right? What if vampires didn't sleep in coffins? What if they could not be killed with a stake? What if all vampires are like Stephenie Meyer's vampires? What then would our views? Would our views change? Would we still live in fear? Lets take an in depth into vampires.

Their Diet

The vampires of legend drink the blood of unwilling victims that are mostly women. The most popular of these legends is Dracula. He only drank the blood of female victims. The story of Dracula brought us to fear one of the most mysterious creatures of the night. Vampires do drink blood but like in Twilight vampires could abstain from human blood by drinking from animals. This view was also used in The Little Vampire. They would still be dangerous but could easily fit in with humans.

To Sleep or Not to Sleep That is the Question

In Twilight when Bella asked Edward if he sleeps in a coffin he laughs and informs her that he doesn't sleep at all. That is the only time I have seen this view at all. Most legends have vampires going to sleep in their coffins or a darken room. Why would it be so hard to believe that vampires don't sleep? It shouldn't believe since most people believe that vampires could sleep in a coffin. For one thing where would they get a coffin? So why is believing that vampire don't sleep so hard.

Burned by the Sun?

In almost every legend of vampires they have to retreat to a darkened place like their coffin or a darken room before the sun so they won't disintegrate in the sunlight. The only view I saw that wasn't like this was Twilight's vampires. In fact they weren't even hurt by the sunlight. When Bella asked about sunlight hurting them, Edward told her he would show her what happened when he got in the sun. Boy was Bella surprised to find out that Edward glittered like a diamond in the sunlight. If Twilight's vampires glitter in the sunlight why can't all vampires?

Garlic, Crosses, Holy Water and Stakes

In almost every legend in vampire history the way the vampires were killed was with stakes and they way they were able to be repelled was with crosses, garlic, and holy water. Come on! If a vampire was that eager to suck your blood, a little cross, holy water or a little bit of garlic is not going to stop him or her. Mrs. Meyer also believes this and used the idea. So if that would be one of the things you would try on a supposed vampire don't. In Twilight the only way to kill a vampire is to tear them apart and burn the pieces.


In Twilight vampires only have one known enemy and that is a werewolf. This view is used in quite a few legends and is correct. Some legends though claim that priests are also a vampire's enemy. If crosses and holy water don't work on vampires I don't think a priest is going to scare them.

Looks and other 'Super' Powers

This stays mostly the same in almost all legends, literature and tv. The only time I've seen a difference in is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Other than that all vampires have had good looks. They say this is so they could lure their prey to them. And I admit if somebody came up to me with unnatural beauty I would follow them if they asked. There is also their unnatural strength. I believe this also true. They also have super hearing. Imagine trying to whisper a secret to your friend with one of them in the room. Instant gossip. They also have a super sniffer to scent out their prey.