Lost in the ranks

Lost in the ranks

Out beyond the Gotham Square

Searching for something

Finding everything

Achieving nothing

Not for me, I don't know why


Crushed into the crowd

Listening to the tyrant speak

I hear his words




Haven't we heard it all before?


Growing restless, unsettling

Rising to a glorious crescendo

Day, night, it doesn't matter

The words erase all reality

Instill glorious revolution

Give pause to the powerful

Give hope to the throngs


Feel the weight of the others

Squeezing life, evaporating feeling

But it doesn't matter

Not when you're in Gotham Square

It's not about you

Not about me

Not about them

Only us


Maddening repetition

Inscrutable character

Only time will tell

I can't take it

Heard it all before

Not going to suffer again


Step forward, meet the foe

See the crush of populace

Like eager schoolchildren

Step around

Up the marble stairs to God

Meet him, at last

Strike him down


He falls


But wait

It wasn't me

I did not fire

But it doesn't matter

Subdued, abused

Beaten down again


But wait

It wasn't me

Doesn't matter

Clamor for vengeance

Right to avenge

Not for long


I maybe be here

But I'll rot

Just like him

Soon a lost chapter

Just like him

Forgotten by time

Idolized by the dying

But it doesn't matter

We're all just another face

In Gotham Square