Crucify, putrify

Everything you defy

Put me up on a cross

and I will die

A sinner's saint to remove the paint

of this sore-created stain

Permeated from soul to brain

To take your sins away

Glorify the name of Christ

Make hero out of man

A martyr, a patriot

And upon his shoulders

He bears the weight of more

Than just cross and crown of thorns

The weight of the sins of the world

bearing down, beating around

Tearing the meat from the bones

of the only hero the world has ever truly known

and in the darkness you can hear his whisper

Guiding you, instructing you, back to the light

Into the end, through the fight

Meanwhile that other more sinister voice can be heard

Chanting, chanting, chanting

The same thing: You will bow to me

Get down on bended knee

Cry out for your deliverance

You will suffer

For I am not a God given to mercy

just the buffer for those stained by misery

The Brat Prince for all to see

The King of endless controversy

Quiet now, on both sides

the war has been fought, battle waged

and all thats left is to see who held the most sway

Two sides in constant conflict

And all it comes down to

is what side do you choose

Where do you stand

With the good or with the bad