It'll be quite interesting if anyone has seen this play. Believe it or not, this is my first major writing job. My friend and editor JMG came to me one day with a writing job. I pumped out this Five Act play in a couple of months, he went over and fixed what needed to be fixed, and vuala! Here's the result. Enjoy.

Pirates of Treasure Cove

Search for the Pearl Saber

By Silver Phantom 2

Edited by JMG

Act 1

"God's unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ." – John 1:17

Scene 1 – Bon Voyage

Port Seguro. Enter Father, Mal, Will, and Jo. The siblings are carrying luggage.

Father: Do you guys have everything you'll need while I'm away?

Will and Jo: Yes.

Father: Toothbrushes?

Will and Jo: Yes.

Father: Bibles?

Will and Jo: Yes.

Father: You'll be good for Grandpa?

Jo: Dad, why do you have to leave? I don't want you to get hurt.

Father: Joanna…pray for God to protect me, but know that whatever He wants, is good.

Will: With God, no weapon used against us can ever beat us!

Father: That's right, Will.

Mal: Hmph!

Father: Mal, I know your heart is cold towards God. Your mother, she always wished you would come to know Jesus' love. But do you at least know that I love you?

Mal: Dad, of course!

Father: Well, God loves you – perfectly. I love you the best I can, but his love makes no mistakes, knows no bounds.

Mal: Dad . . .

Father: Mal, you know, I may not . . .what I'm saying is . . . trust him. Trust the love Jesus showed when he gave his life to save you.

Mal: Yeah . . .

Enter Grandpa Nelson.

Nelson: Kids! Ahoy there! Come give your Grandfather a hug!

Will and Jo run to Grandpa Nelson.

Mal: Dad, why do you have to go?

Father: I'm in the navy. When the King tells us to go to war, I can't say no. Malcolm, look after Will and Jo. There's the last whistle. I'll see you soon.

After a group embrace, exit Father.

Nelson: Well now, it's not every day that I get to see my grandchildren.

Jo: Grandpa, you were in a war like this one, right?

Nelson: Yes, but much worse! Why, your father will be back before you can spit.!

Mal makes as though he's about to spit. Will pushes him in the shoulder.

Nelson: Let's head to the house. I think you'll find a few surprises await you there!

Will & Jo: Yah!

Exit all.

Scene 2 – The Mirror

Grandpa's house. Jo is sitting, reading a book. Enter Mal and Will, sword fighting with sticks. Jo tolerates the noise for a while, then finally slams the book shut.

Jo: Ugh! I can't stand it anymore. You guys are so annoying! I'm trying to read!

Mal: Well, y'know the house is huge – go somewhere else.

Jo: Why don't you guys go read your Bibles?

Will: I did. I read Psalm 1: (Recites grandly.) ' Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with scoffers. But they delight in doing everything the Lord wants . . ."

Mal: Pssh - impressive, William. I didn't read the Bible and I'm notgoing to.

Will: Jo, where are ya' going?

Jo: Someplace you can't find me.

Exit Jo.

Will: The last time she said that, she got locked in the basement.

Mal: She did?

Will: Yeah, don't you remember?

Enter Seymour and Audrey.

'Twas a dark and stormy night

When Will and Mal were fighting,

But little Jo, she wanted to play,

and so she crawled away,

yes, she crawled away.

She climbed on down the basement stairs,

Thought she'd find some peace.

But it was dark, and the door, it locked

So she screamed and screamed and screamed,

she screamed and screamed and screamed.


Will: Wow, that was pretty cool.

Enter Jo upstage, where she peeks at a large object beneath a sheet.

Mal: Yeah but… who are you guys?

Audrey: Well, we… uh…

Will: And where'd you come from?

Seymour: Well, you see, we're, uh… uh… look! A distraction!

Will and Mal: Where? Where?

Seymour and Audrey slip out.

Will: What was that all about?

Jo: Mal! Will! Come here! Quick!

Mal: I bet she locked herself in the basement again.

Will: Jo, what is it?

Jo: Check it out. (pulls off sheet)

Will: It's a mirror.

Jo: Listen.

Pause. Distant ocean sounds waft through the room.

Mal: The ocean.

Jo: Yeah, it seems like this mirror is some kind of… (she reaches to touch it.)

Enter Grandpa Nelson.

Nelson: What are you doing?

Will: Grandpa?

Nelson: Never mind this old thing.

Jo: What is it about this mirror?

Mal: Yeah, Grandpa. What's with it?

Nelson: Oh, well, look kids, this mirror is froma ship. A pirate ship. The Katt's Paw.

Mal, Will and Jo: A pirate ship??

Enter Seymour and Audrey.

Ahoy, Ahoy, Ahoy . . . ehem (tuning up).

(This story should be acted out as a shadow play above.)

Long ago, a pirate captain,

the dreaded Thorin the Black,

He set his sail for the Arabian Coast,

But he would not make it back.

Thorin raided the ship of the Golden Sultan,

The richest man in the world,

Yet one thing that Dread Thorin knew not:

His daughter had snuck on board.

The little girl watched the pirate battle,

But the sultan spotted her stand,

So he crept on over to grab that girl,

The Pearl Saber in his hand.

"I've got you now" crowed the Sultan,

the Pearl Saber pressed to her throat.

"If you want your little girl to live,

You'll turn over your life and boat.

You'll turn over your life and boat."

Nelson: Yes that's right. But who are you?

Seymour: Um, never mind that.

Audrey: We're almost done.

So Thorin the Black traded his life

And so learned to love his neighbor;

But his daughter would ever seek revenge

and that cursed Pearl Saber.

Nelson: But she never found it.

That's right,

She never found it.

Nelson: I said that.

Yes you did.

Awkward pause. Then exit Seymour and Audrey.

Nelson: So Thorin the Black sacrificed his own life to save his beloved child. The girl was raised as a princess in the Sultan's palace, but she swore revenge on the Sultan for killing her father. For years she quietly schemed to kill the Sultan with his own sword – the same Pearl Saber that had taken her father's life.

Siblings: Wow!

Jo: Did she do it?

Nelson: Before she could, the Sultan's palace was raided by another pirate, Dread Raven – and he took the Sultan and the Pearl Saber.

Mal: Is that story true, Grandpa?

Nelson: Certainly is. But it was a long time ago. And it was someplace else, a different world. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back there. So . . just leave the mirror alone.

Exit Grandpa Nelson.

Will: Wow, just think. Pirates!

Mal: Avast me hearties!

Will: Arrgh! Scurvy!

Mal: I'll make ye walk the plank!

Mal and Will pretend to be pirates, sword fighting and using what little Pirate-lingo they know, while Jo inspects the mirror. She discovers a secret panel on the back, which holds an ancient scroll.

Jo: Whoa.

Mal: What is it?

Will: Let me see. (He takes the map and thoroughly scans it.)

Mal: It's a map.

Jo: Look here, the arrows point to this sword.

Mal: (snatches the map from Will) It says… "The Pearl Saber."

Jo: (taking map) Do you think it could be…?

A strange smoke begins to appear from the mirror.

Mal: . . . a sword of pearls . . (yawns and lies down)

Will: . . . a treasure map . . . (yawns and lies down)

Jo: . . . a pirate princess . . . (yawns and lies down)

As the three begin sleeping, sea-shore sounds can be distantly heard but growing louder in addition to some sword fighting and cannon fire. The siblings get up and, as in a trance, walk through the mirror and exit. Jo is still holding the map.

Scene 3 – Kaptain Krazy Katt

Cannon fire rips through the quiet. Enter all pirates. A great battle is raging. Lots of sword clattering, and cannons firing. After the battle, Dread Raven's pirates are holding the Krew at sword point. Dread Raven stands before them and picks out the first mate.

Seymour: Whoa man. Hey, watch the shirt! It's Turkish hemp!

Brutus: Quiet, or you'll dance the hempen jig!

Dread Raven: Either they'll hang . . . or they can join my Pirate Empire!

Audrey: We'll never join you!

Dread Raven: Well, in that case, nevermind. All I want is the map.

Seymour: Map?

Dread Raven: The map.

Audrey: Which map?

Dread Raven: The treasure map.

Darby: Oh! Treasure! I love treasure!

Dread Raven: This is no ordinary treasure. I seek the Pearl Saber of Thorin the Black! Now give me the map!

Audrey: Ohhh … that map.

Dread Raven: Yes! That map!

Seymour: That's funny, 'cause we thought you had the Pearl Saber.

Dread Raven: I did, but then it vanished under, let us say, mysterious circumstances. Never has such a fury gripped my heart as the day when I lost the Pearl Saber!

Darby: Aw, it's okay, you know, you're probably better off without it.

Dread Raven: Get away, you bumboo swiller! Now where is it? Or I'll tear your ship apart!

Enter Mal, Will, and Jo off to the side. Jo is still holding the map.

Seymour: It's technically not my ship.

Dread Raven: Then get your captain out here! I'd like to parlay with him.

Seymour: Him? No him.

Dread Raven: What?

Audrey: No him. Her.

Enter Katt.

Katt: I don't recall sending you an invitation to board my ship, Dread Raven.

Dread Raven: You are the Captain of this ship?

Katt: Kaptain Katt at your service: now what do you want?

Dread Raven: I know you have the map to the Pearl Saber! Hand it over, or else!

Katt: Or else what?

Dread Raven: Or else we'll burn your ship and enslave your crew!

Katt: Mrowr! I'll tell you something, Dread Raven, if I had the map, which I don't, I wouldn't give it to you.

They continue bickering in hushed tones while the siblings speak.

Will: What's going on? (whispering)

Mal: I don't know…they look like pirates.

Jo: Pirates!? How did we get here?

Mal: I don't know… (slight gasp) the mirror!

Jo: You don't think…

Dread Raven: Enough! I've had it with you and your pesky crew! Your ship tagging along after my fleet! Your annoying first mate and his incessant singing!

Seymour: Hey, that's not nice!

Dread Raven: Let's make this nice and simple… you're going to give me the treasure map. It's big. Brown. Old. Smells like mangos. And it points directly to the Pearl Saber.

Jo: Uh… guys…

Will: Not now, we're trying to listen.

Jo: Guys! Don't you understand? We have the map!

Mal: Shhh!


All eyes turn to Jo.

Jo: Oops.

Will: Now you've done it.

Dread Raven: The map! What are you waiting for, you washed-up bilge rats? Get her!

Jo: No! No, wait, don't hurt me.

Dread Raven: Then hand over the map.

Jo: Alright: here. (She hands him the map from behind her back.)

Dread Raven: Arrrrrr! Yes! Crew! Let's go find our treasure!

Exit Dread Raven, Hikowa, and Brutus.

Katt: Blast it! He got away! You three! (She points at them with her Klaw) Who are you and what are you dong on my ship?

Mal: Who are we? Who are you? We just fell asleep and woke up in your cabin!

Katt: I'll not be tolerating any loose lips! Seymour, Audrey, tie them up!

Jo: Seymour? Aren't you the guy with the guitar?

Seymour: You know my work? Hey, we're playing at the Frosty Frog next Friday if you wanna come out and support the band –

Katt: Mrwowr!

Seymour: Nevermind.

The Krew wraps a rope around the three siblings.

Katt: Audrey, set a course for Selidor! We need supplies. We've got robbing to do! Seymour, sing my introduction!

Seymour: Aye, aye, Kaptain Katt!

Mal, Will, and Jo: Kaptain Katt?

Seymour & Audrey:

Oh, Kaptain Katt is the fiercest sailor of all

She was born on Black Thorin's ship

'Tween a cannon and the wall.

She grew up as a pirate princess

And sailed six of seven seas

And she'll run you through,

turn you black and blue

as soon as she would sneeze.

Kaptain Krazy Katt!

Will : Oh! I get it! You're Krazy Katt?

Katt: Kaptain, to you! Now what are you three doing on my ship? Stowing away, most likely. I hate stowaways! Meawr!

Darby: You want I should run 'em through, Kaptain? Arrrr!

Mal: We're not stowaways!

Katt: Then what were you doing hiding in my cabin?

Will: We told you, we fell asleep and woke up in there.

Mal: Can't you just let us go?

Katt: I told you: I HATE stowaways! Stowaways walk the plank! Meawrha!

During this dialogue, Jo is busy at work untying the rope. Finally, she gets the rope loosened, sneaks out and helps her brothers out while Katt is briefly turned around.

Seymour: Oo. They got loose. Somebody did a bad job tying them up. Oh, wait: that was me. Nevermind.

Will: The mirror!

Mal, Will, and Jo run for the mirror. All three crash into it instead of going through and fall back to the cabin floor.

Katt: Trying to escape, eh? Well, allow me to show you the exit: we call it . . . THE PLANK!

Darby: The plank, yah, yah, arrr! (Foists the siblings out onto the plank.)

Jo: Wait! You'll never find the treasure without us!

Katt: And why not, matey?

Will: Well, because… um, why not Jo?

Jo: Because I have the map. Well, part of it, at least.

Katt: Meawr-how is this?

Jo: I ripped the map in half! (Displays her half of the map.)

All: GASP!

Katt: Let me see that! (Examines map) Thank you. Now… where were we? Ah yes, time to walk the plank.

Darby: The plank, yah, yah, arrr!

Jo: Wait! We can still help!

Katt: And how so?

Jo: We'll get the other half of the map!

Will: We what?

Katt: Hm… meawr… you are pretty bright kids . . . you hornswaggled Dread Raven.

Seymour: (whispers to Katt) I don't know Cap'n, there's somethin' fishy about these three. Oh, no, wait – (pulling fish from pocket) that's me lunch.

Katt: Meawr… all right buckos, I'll make ye a deal. Only Pirates and prisoners are allowed on the Katt's Paw. You can either stay on my ship as Pirates, and then I'll let you go once we find the Pearl Saber. Otherwise, you can spend the rest of yer voyage down below in the brig.

Darby: The brig, lock 'em up, yah, yah, arrrr!

Will: Is there a third option?

Darby displays sword.

Mal: We'll stay as Pirates.

Katt: Meawr, good. Audrey! Get these scallywags into proper dress and give them some swords.

Audrey: Aye, Captain.

Katt: Meawr!

Exit Audrey, Mal, Will, and Jo.

Seymour: Cap'n, I don't think this is such a good idea. I mean, what if they take the treasure for themselves? Or trick us? Or find my secret stash of Oreos –DOH!

Katt: Seymour, I've already got that covered. When we find the Saber, I'm not going to let them off at Port, I'm going to release them to Davy Jones' Locker, at the bottom of the sea! Hahaha!

Seymour: Hehe, that's a good one, Cap'n!

Katt: 'Course it is. Now get to work! Meawr!

Exit all.

Scene 4 – Dread Raven, Inc.

Dread Raven's ship. Enter Dread Raven and Brutus.

Dread Raven: Finally, the treasure map is mine! And soon, so will the Pearl Saber… Hikowa! Set a course for the first island on the map!

Enter Hikowa.

Hikowa: Aye, Cap'n. (Looking at map.) Oh, there's a problem here –

Dread Raven: Brutus! Ready the cannons. NOW, you scurvy cur!

Brutus: Why are we stopping at this island, Captain?

Dread Raven: We're going to raid and rob it!

Brutus: Sweet. Then what?

Dread Raven: We go to the second island.

Brutus: Oh. What for?

Dread Raven: To pillage and loot it!

Brutus: I see. But why?

Dread Raven: Because . . . we're pirates.

Brutus: But, Captain, why would we waste our time raiding some paltry islands when the greatest treasure of them all awaits us?

Dread Raven: I'll be happy to explain my commands to you – right after I string you up on the larboard keel!

Brutus: Aye, aye, Captain!

Dread Raven: Scully!

Enter Scully.

Scully: Whaddaya want?

Dread Raven: Set on a pot of squid stew! Mmmmmm! I'm in the mood for a treat!

Hikowa: Captain…

Scully: Aye, Captain. I'll have to do some shopping first.

Scully takes up giant harpoon and stomps off.

Dread Raven: Ah, yes. Finally I will have the Pearl Saber, the greatest treasure of them all. It's worth a king's ransom! And do you know what I'm going to do with it, Brutus?

Brutus: Um, kill, steal, and destroy?

Dread Raven: No, you dunderbluss! I'm going sell it on eBay and use the capital to finance me next venture: Dread Raven's Fish Food Restaurants.

Brutus: Huhn?

Hikowa: Captain…

Dread Raven: A national chain. Franchise rights. That's where the real money is. Look, I've already designed a logo: see the fish eating a fish sandwich?

Brutus: How nice.

Enter Seymour & Audrey.

Hikowa: Captain…

Oh, Dread Raven is a pirate captain,

O'er a fleet of dark corsairs,

Bound to raid every town

The farthest seas can spare.

Far and wide, he sails, he sails,

On a ship, a ship with blackened sails.

So if you see him coming towards your shore,

You best to turn your tail,

Turn your tail and run!

(spoken:) Run all the way to Dread Raven's Fish Food Restaurant

for a delicious Fish Sandwich – just 3.99 including a 20-ounce beverage!

Exit Seymour & Audrey.

Dread Raven: I love that song. Hikowa… what are you still doing here? Why aren't you setting a course?

Hikowa: Captain, the map: it's been torn in half! Look!

Dread Raven: Arrgh! (he gets angrier and angrier and looks like he's about to explode. Finally, at the last moment, it all diffuses out of him.) I'm alright now.

Brutus: Whew, that was close.

Dread Raven screams in fury and frustration, shoving Hikowa into a barrel, where she is stuck by her rear end. Brutus goes over to help her.

Dread Raven: Arrgh! Gasp! Those young'uns! Hikowa, let's pay the Katt's Paw another visit. Brutus! Signal every ship in the West Reach!

Brutus: Aye, Captain!

Dread Raven: It was those kids. No… the girl. She must have the other half of the map! Well, not for long…

DR laughs maniacally. Hikowa and Brutus stop what they're doing and laugh too.

Dread Raven: What are you doing? GET TO WORK! (pause) NOW!

Enter Scully with a giant squid slung over his shoulder.

Scully: Soup's on!

Exit all.

Scene 5 – Your Second Objective Is…

Port Selidor. Enter Katt, Seymour, Audrey, and Darby, with the siblings. Enter some random townspeople with the wasting sickness.

Katt: Arrgh, here it is mateys: Selidor. Now, here's the plan. We're going to jump out from behind these here rocks, steal, pillage, n' burn, and then we see if they have any clue as to the whereabouts of Dread Raven.

Seymour: Captain, wait!

Katt: What is it?

Seymour: Do you want me to sing your introduction?

Katt: What? No! Stick with the plan.

Seymour: Aye, aye.

Katt: … one… two…

Audrey: Captain, wait!

Katt: Arrrrrrrrgh… what is it now?

Audrey: Do you want me to sing your introduction?

Katt: I don't want anybody singing anything. We're going to steal all the gold and supplies we can carry, and then we're going to get back on our ship and go. Got it?

Krew: Aye, aye, Kap'n.

Katt: Goooood. (purr) On my mark… one… two… three… charge!

They all charge out to the town but encounter no resistance. Pirates run over to the townspeople but get no response.

Katt: Meawr! What's with these people?

Enter Mayor of Selidor Port.

Mayor: Please! Don't hurt us. My town is infected with the wasting sickness.

All: Gasp!

Seymour: Unclean! Unclean!

Mayor: Please, Kaptain Katt. You can save Selidor if only you would go to the island of Astowell and retrieve the Glass Rose. Only the petals of the glass rose could cure the sickness! Please, I'm begging you!

Katt: Arrgh, the Katt's Paw ain't a charity service! We're Pirates!

Darby: Aye, pirates, yah, yah, arrrr!

Mayor: If you bring the Rose to Selidor and cure us of the sickness, then we'll pay you 80,000 doubloons a year!

Katt: Arrgh, make it 100,000!

Mayor: Ninety-thousand?

Katt: Eighty-thousand!

Mayor: Seventy-thousand!

Katt: Deal! 70,000! Seymour, set the sails to ship off. Audrey, plot a course for Astowell!

Mayor: May God bless you!

Will: What do we do?

Katt: Meawr! You can scoop the litter box! Ha ha mwrowr!

Siblings: What?

Exit pirates.

Mal: This is so dumb – what are we into? We're just trying to get home, and first we're searching for some Pearl Saber, and now we have to find some flower?

Jo: Well, since we're here, we might as well help these people.

Will: Yeah, look at them: (raises and drops hand of townsperson) they definitely need help.

Mal: This has nothing to do with us!

Jo: It didn't, but now it does.

Mal: No it doesn't!

Will & Jo: Yes it does!

Mal: No it doesn't!

Will & Jo: Yes it does!

Mal: We don't have to help these people!

Will: That's where you're wrong. We should never hold back from helping someone when it is in our power to do so.

Mal: Says who?

Jo: Says the Bible!

Mal: Not that again!

Will: We give our all for others – even enemies and strangers – because when we were God's enemies and strangers to him, he gave everything for us.

Mal: What has God ever done for me?

Jo: He only sent his son to save you from death!

Mal: What are you talking about? I'm going to die; everybody's going to die.

Will: Our bodies will get sick and die, but God has given us a spirit that will live forever.

Jo: And thanks to Jesus, we can live forever with God!

Mal: You know, I don't have to listen to this.

Exit Mal.

Jo: RRRGH! He drives me crazy sometimes!

Will: Don't worry, Jo. You know, it's the Holy Spirit who's calling to Mal; all we can do is encourage him to answer.

Jo: You're right, you're right.

Will: (Imitating Katt.) Of course I am. Mweawr.

Jo: (Laughs.)

Will: MROWR! (Takes "katt paw" swipe at Jo.)

Jo: Oh, I'll get you for that!

Jo chases Will out, both laughing and playing.

Scene 6 – Closing In

Dread Raven's ship; enter Dread Raven & crew.

Dread Raven: How long, Hikowa, 'til we reach the Katt's Paw?

Hikowa: We'll round the bay by noontide, Captain, and surprise them on the reef.

Dread Raven: Excellent. Within the hour I will have the other half of the map, and this time, I will leave the Katt's Paw and her crew at the bottom of the sea.

Brutus: And what of the young ones who made a fool of you?

Dread Raven: No one made a fool of me! As for those tricksters, they will be sold to the lowest bidder at the Sinolese slave market!

Hikowa: Coming about, Captain.

Dread Raven: Full sail! We will descend on them swiftly and destroy them completely!

Exit All

Scene 7 – Mal's Redemption

Katt's Paw. Enter Darby and Audrey, swabbing the deck.

Darby: You know, sometimes I wonder how I ended up as a pirate.

Audrey: Really? Not me.

Darby: I always wanted to be a monkey tamer.

Audrey: Ha ha! That's funny! A monkey tamer!

Darby: No, I'm serious.

Audrey: Oh, um, ehem, well, right. Monkeys.

Darby: Just me in a cage with a bunch of wild monkeys, nothing but a handful of bananas and me wits to drive the beastliness out of 'em.

Audrey: Ah, that's quite a picture you paint there.

Darby: 'Tis. But, alas! It's the pirate's life for me.

Seymour: (entering suddenly)

Oh, it's the pirate's life for me!

Darby & Audrey: Quiet!

Seymour: Zheesh, you guys. What's gotten into you?

Exit Seymour. Enter Siblings.

Jo: Whoa, what's gotten into him?

Mal: I tell you guys, we have to get out of here.

Will: Mal, how are we supposed to get back home?

Jo: That mirror's our only way.

Mal: When we tried to go through, it closed up on us. What are we supposed to do now?

Will: Maybe it'll open up again.

Jo: Yeah!

Exit Audrey & Darby, mopping.

Mal: All right, all right. I just have a bad feeling about this.

Will: C'mon, man. The Bible says "No weapon turned against you will succeed."

Mal: Look, Will, for the millionth time, I'm not into that God stuff. He couldn't stop mom from dying and he couldn't stop us from getting into this mess.

Will: This isn't a mess. This is an adventure!

Jo: What, did you think that trusting God just stops bad things from happening?

Mal: If God can't stop bad things, then why would I want anything to do with him?

As they talk, DR's crew silently rows across the stage.

Will: We don't follow Jesus just for what he can do for us.

Jo: Though he does help you through the tough times.

Mal: I don't need help.

Will: He works bad things out for good.

Mal: Oh, c'mon! I told you. Mom died. Dad's at war. We're here! And you're going to tell me Jesus loves me? Save your breath. I've heard it all before.

As Mal is saying this, Brutus, Hikowa & Scully climb up the side of the Katt's Paw.

Will: Mal!

Mal: Forget it. Jesus doesn't love me. If he did, we'd be back home with Dad and Mom.

Jo: Guys… listen! We have to help the people of Selidor by finding the glass rose. That's more important than our problems!

Brutus: Arrgh!

Fight scene ensues.The siblings fare poorly against the pirates; Will & Mal are knocked down. Brutus kidnaps Jo. Exit the Pirates with Jo.

Mal: Agh! See! This is exactly what I'm talking about! Things just keep getting worse and worse!

Will: Your problem with God is that you don't know him! You think he's some kind of robot who comes in and takes care of all your problems?

Mal: Forget it, Will. No more!

Will: Mal! The further you run from Jesus, the more bad stuff is going to happen, and the worse you'll be at dealing with it!

Mal: I don't need Jesus to deal with my problems. I can handle it!

Will: Can you? Are you?

Mal: Our sister. Now she's gone too. Oh, Will!

Will: Stop running away, Mal. Turn to God. He wants you to …

Mal: God… I don't know why Mom died. I really wish she was here right now. I miss her. I'm sorry for being angry at you. I want to change. I need . . . help.

Will: That's a good first step. A great one.

Mal: Yeah… now let's go find our sister!

Exit all.

End Act 1