Undeniable Sexy

By: blackberrydream

Finally! My first slash story! Took me long enough. Well, my first slash story posted, I've written slash before.

Warnings: Slash, mm, yaoi, this means male/male relationships. If this offends you, don't read.

Chapter one: Charitable Spirit


Okay, before I even start writing this, there's something you should know about me: I, Tav Whitney, am the sexiest person ever to have existed.

Seriously. It may sound conceited but if you saw me you'd definitely agree. Unfortunately for you, you can't see me right now so I'll give you a little description of myself. That way, you can picture me and know the joys of looking at me like all the other lucky people I've come in contact with.

I have this amazingly gorgeous black hair. Not dyed, natural and it falls in perfect waves around my face, short in the front and gaining length until it hits the nape of my neck. My eyes are impossible to classify under just one color. They're blue-green with flecks of violet around the pupil. Absolutely gorgeous. No man or woman can look into my eyes and not fall in love with me. I'm a little taller than average and I'm thin but still muscular. Like I said, I'm the sexiest person alive so I wouldn't be surprised if you're in love with me just by reading this description.

"Dude, you're so conceited." Gavin tells me after reading my letter.

"Yeah, well, you're ugly." I counter snatching my letter back. What does he know anyway?

Gavin rolls his eyes, "No one in their right mind would want to be your pen pal anyway. All you talk about is yourself." He said flipping around the chair at my computer desk and throwing himself into it.

"Oh what do you know? You're ugly."

"No I'm not!" Gavin defends himself.

I look over at him from my bed. Okay so he isn't ugly but he's definitely not as good looking as me. He has blonde hair that's short and purposely disheveled and blue eyes that aren't the most beautiful or shocking blue but aren't bad. "Compared to me you are." I answer after surveying him.


"Okay, so forget this pen pal crap. Let's go do something."

"I've got to go meet up with my girlfriend in ten minutes." Gavin informs me.

"You suck." I inform him.

Gavin holds his palms up, "Not my fault you don't have a girlfriend or a boyfriend Mr. Beautiful."

That's right I'm beautiful! And don't you forget it. I pout, "No one's pretty enough to be with me."

"Whatever. I'm sure you'll fine someone eventually. There's a lot of fish in the sea and all that but I've got to go."

Psh, no duh I can find someone. I'm sexy. I'm like the magical rainbow fish and all those nasty muddy fish just aren't gonna cut it for me. I doubt I can find someone who matches me in my sexiness. It'd be rude to date someone less attractive than me because I'd constantly be outshining them. That's probably a strain on self confidence (I wouldn't know, I've never been outshined).

Then again…. just dating someone like me would boost their confidence… I mean if I was super ugly (thank god I'm not) I'd need a super hot boyfriend to boost my confidence. Think of how good that would make some ugly guy feel to date someone like me!

It's decided! I'll date someone less attractive than me for their benefit.

I'm such a nice person.


Okay so I'm sitting in the courtyard like I do every morning before school starts and I've started this whole 'look for unattractive person' thing. There are already quite a few candidates. There's this boy with a serious acne problem, a girl with a uni-brow, some really fat kids, and there's this one kid, sitting alone on one of the lunch tables in they courtyard reading some book. He's short and scrawny. He has pasty white skin covered in freckles and messy brown curls with plain brown eyes hidden behind thick glasses. I'm thinking: this guy probably has the lowest self esteem ever. I mean look at him! He's so plain and boring and ugly. There's absolutely nothing attractive him at all.

I'll ask him out this afternoon.

I bet he'll be flattered. He'll probably be so overcome with joy he'll throw himself into my arms crying. And I'll hug him not even worried that he's messing up my shirt. And this is my favorite shirt.

Wow, I'm feeling awfully charitable today.

Gavin comes in and takes his seat next to me mumbling some greeting or another. He immediately starts on his homework I nudge his shoulder with mine to get his attention, "See that guy up there?" I ask pointing to Ugly.

"Yeah…" Gavin mumbles glancing up for a second then going back to his homework, "What about him."

"I'm gonna ask him out."

I swear Gavin's eyebrows shot all the up his forehead at my words (You know in the kind of cartoon way with weird and unfitting sound effects). "Him?! What happened to your 'I only date sexy people' policy?"

"I'm over that."

"Okaaaaaay," Gavin says not quite believing me, "and what exactly do you see in boring old Brendan?"

Awwww! Ugly has a name! How cute! "Nothing at all! Isn't that great!"

Gavin gives the 'Were-you-dropped-on-you-head-as-a-baby' look that he uses quite often around me.

"Whatever, Gavin, I don't feel the need to explain myself to you. Your small mind couldn't possibly understand the depths of my charitable soul. Me and Ugly will have a beautiful little relationship so you just carry on your pretty life with your pretty self and your pretty girlfriend. Not near as pretty as me of course. Especially since, I'm pretty on the inside now too. I'm all around beautiful now. Unlike, you Gavin and your shallow skin deep beauty which still doesn't compare to my beauty. Poor child, you'll never know what it's like to look in the mirror and see true beauty like mine." I wasn't even aware that I had been talking out loud until I saw Gavin's face.

"You…there are no words to describe you." He says. I'm not sure if this is a compliment or an insult. I pick the former.

"Why thank you Gav." I say princely. Heh, I just wanted to use the word princely. I'm princely.

Gavin looks like he wants to bang his head against something.

I wonder why.

Maybe he thinks that if he makes himself uglier then I'll want to date him since I'm dating the uglies now…

Poor Gavin.

I sympathetically pat him on the back. Hm, now he looks like he wants to punch me. I quickly withdraw my hand after all I have to ask Ugly out later today and I'd rather not have a bloody nose and a black eye when I do. I'd be pretty regardless of course but still…

Dace comes in and takes the seat by my other side and pulls me into a hug, "Morning beautiful! How're you?"

My mood suddenly lifts again, "Fantastic Dacey!" Dace is one of my best friends. Well, Gavin's my best-best friend of course but that's only because I've known him longer, me and Dace actually get along better. His shaggy hair is naturally sandy blonde but he died it dark brown recently and it looks fantastic with his green eyes.

I point to Ugly ecstatically, "That's my future boyfriend!" I tell him. He looks to Ugly and his mouth turn in a frown.


"Ugly?" I fill in.

His eyes turn back to me, "Oh, good, I thought you had lost your amazingly good taste or gone blind or something." I grin and shake my head, "So why do you want to date him if he's so…below you?"

"I'm not doing it for me Dace. I'm doing it for him." I say and he immediately brightens and hugs me.

"You're such a wonderful person Tav!"

"I know." I say. I knew Dace would understand me, he always does. I hear Gavin groan and shake his head. Wait, I hear him shake his head? Never mind.

"When are you asking him out?" Dace asks playing with his earrings.

"Later today."

"Okay!" Dace says grabbing me around the waist and snuggling into my neck, "You're mine till then."

"Get a room!" A female voice comes as a hand slaps me and Dace on the back of the head. We turn to see Monica, Gavin's girlfriend.

Dace grins at her knowing she was only kidding and all but jumps into my lap, "Aw, but then you couldn't watch."

She laughs and sits in Gavin's lap, "Like I'd want to you pervs."

"You may not want to watch but you'd sure as hell jump up at the opportunity to join." I tell her.

"Hmm," She pretends to look thoughtful, "Yeah you're right." She says then laughs as Gavin's grip on her tightens. I laugh too and Monica turns so she's facing Gavin in his lap, "Kidding hun. I'd only join, if you joined too."

The look on his face was priceless and all of us started cracking up. Poor Gavin, he's just so fun to tease.

Monica and Gavin make out while Dace braids Monica's hair. I lean back on my arms and look across the courtyard at Brendan (Hey! I remembered Ugly's name!).

Brendan, I'll make you mine and soon Dace will be braiding your hair as we make out…

Actually that's kind of weird.

Ew, me kissing Ugly! Ewwwwwww! Well, the ew is on his part. I'm sexy no matter who's attached to my lips. Ewww, Ugly attached to my lips! I shake the image from my mind and remind myself why I'm doing this.

Yep, 'cause I'm a perfect, amazing, beautiful person!


Authors Note:

I really want to continue this but I'm not entirely sure where to go with it…maybe if you review, my muse will come back (hint hint). Also, I'm not used to writing in first person or present tense so please tell me if I'm just absolutely failing.