Undeniably Sexy

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Chapter 18: The Morning After


Warmth. Beautiful, comfortable warmth. I grunt and squeeze my eyes closed, trying to return to my dreamy bliss but there's this stupid annoying noise in the background. I swing my arm in the air in the direction I think the noise is coming from but all that's there is empty air and my hand falls back to its original position.

Wait…was that…?

I jerk up in surprise when I realize that my hand is resting over someone's body. My vision comes into focus but I still stare at the sleeping figure awhile before I recognize him.


Brendan is naked in my bed.

That's new.

The annoying noise behind me gets louder and I recognize it as laughter. I flip around and glare at my intruders. Brenda and Monica are the ones laughing, Gavin looks disturbed and Dace looks shocked.

What the fuck are you people doing in my room?!?!

Then I notice that Dace is holding a cake and my heart stops.

"I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday," Brenda says laughing, "but it looks like Brendan beat me to it."


"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!" I repeat in panic finding my boxers and slipping them on under the covers. The other inhabitant of the bed wakes up but I ignore him, more important things to worry about at the moment. Like the sound of the front door opening for one thing. I attempt to jump up out of bed but trip on the sheets and barely rescue myself by catching onto the bedpost.

That's when dad walks in.

Just to paint the picture for you: I'm in my boxers with my legs tangled up in a sheet and my arm thrown over the bedpost to keep me semi-standing. There's a group of people in the corner and a naked boy attempting to keep enough of the sheet that's knotted around my legs in his possession to keep himself covered, lying in my bed.

"Hey, you awa-" Dad stops whatever it was he was going to say when he spots me, "Put some pants on." he says as a greeting before scanning the rest of the room. I'm frozen watching him so closely that I notice the exact moment when he realizes what's going on. I could see his face transform, tense, and harden into something terrifyingly pissed.

I decide to try to explain. "It's not-"

"Get out."

I can tell he's trying to keep his anger under control and for that I'm glad. My face is too pretty to be punched in. There's a sound like movement against sheets and I assume Brendan is getting dressed.

I untangle myself from the sheets and shakily stand. I grab a pair of pants off the floor but that's about all I have the nerve to do. Dad is watching my every move like he's just waiting for an excuse to snap at me. He moves aside and I walk past him out of my room too scared to say a word. Everyone else scatters after me. When I get to the front door I turn to say something to my dad. I don't know what.


Yeah, sorry for not telling you about the whole gay thing?

Honestly I was tempted to scream at him, "I'm not ashamed!"

But dad's scary when he's mad. I open my mouth to say something-anything, when I notice her.

She's a small, beautiful, Indian-looking woman with tan skin and dark slightly wavy hair. Her black eyes are shifting between Dad and me worriedly. Her hands are Dad's chest like she's trying to get him to calm down.

Dad's new wife.




She's pregnant.

Obviously pregnant, she has to be due soon based on the size of her.

"Tav?" She asks as if she not sure that that's who I really am. Her voice is soft and beautiful, surprisingly accent-less and so…motherly.

Oh god,

I feel sick.

I give a little slight nod and it suddenly makes me dizzy. She takes a step forward looking….so damn pleased.

"It's nic-" Dad grabs her arm to stop her from coming any closer.

She looked back at him confused, "What is it? He's your son right?"

He didn't even glance at her, he was staring sternly at me, "Get out," He repeated.

I take a couple steps backwards but Dad's wife turns on him, "What? What is it? Tell me! He's your son! Dan! He's your son! You said-"

I can't take this anymore. Seeing them together…it hurts. God it hurts so damn much. All I can think about is how much Mom loved him. I turn and leave as quickly as I can.


I think I'm going to puke.

I squelch my nausea and go to my car. I have to get out of here.

"Tav!" I hear my Dad yell from behind me, "Tav wait!"

The others climb into my car which is a bit difficult since it's a four person car and we have six people but four people squeeze into the back in record time.

"Tav I-"

If he was going to say something, it was drowned out by the sound of my car engine. I pulled out of the driveway as fast as I could almost hitting Dad's car on the way.


It's quiet because everyone has decided they don't want to talk. Tension, tension, lovely tension. I'm driving around in my convertible because I have nothing else to do and really just wanted to get away from that house. Gavin gave me his over-shirt so I have something covering me up.

"Um, so that was…" Dace starts to ask breaking the silence.

"My dad. Yeah."

This sucks.

This sucks so much.

Why did they all have to be there to see that?

"Wow, and all this time I thought you were exaggerating." Dace says.

I was. He's just pissed that he found me in bed with a guy. I snort in a kind of half-laugh way and we all drop into another long silence. I realize I have no idea where I'm driving and just pull over on the side of some practically abandoned backstreet.

I sighed and slid forward in my seat resting my forehead on the steering wheel.

God, my life is falling apart.

"Um….I still have cake." Dace says holding it up.

"I love you Dace." I say unbuckling my seat belt and leaning over Brendan to pull a box of plastic utensils out of the glove box.

There's only five forks left so Monica and Gavin share one and we all just eat straight from the cake.

"Hey, Tav." Gavin offers licking his fork before handing it to Monica who rolls her eyes at him but eats with it anway, "You can stay at my place if you need to. I'm sure my parents will be cool with it."

"Thanks." I practically choke out. Wow, that was just what I needed to hear. Oh shit, don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. I inhale deeply to calm myself.

"Hey, you've been like a brother to me since you pushed me off the jungle gym and kissed my cheek to get me to stop crying."

Okay, now I'm definitely crying but I laugh a little at the memory and wipe away my tears on the sleeves of Gavin's shirt I'm wearing, "We always had an odd relationship."

Gavin laughs, "Tell me about it."

Haha, wow. I had forgotten about that. It was back in kindergarten when I first met Gavin. He was such a wimp back then…

"So…" Brenda says after a little while, "You slept with my brother?"



Of course, she said this while I was taking a bite of cake so I end up swallowing wrong in surprise and doubling over in a coughing fit.

"It's not that big of a deal Bren." Brendan answers for me acting like he really believes what he just said.

"Not that big of a deal?!" his twin exclaims.

"It's just sex."

"Sex with a guy as hot a Tav is not 'just sex'."

"Then what is it?"

I'm not choking anymore but I continue coughing anyway so no one makes me talk.

"It's…it's…I dunno, it's sex with a really hot guy! Point is I thought you didn't come home last night because you hit it off with Ryan. I had been calling you all morning to tell you about our plans to surprise Tav on his birthday and then I get there and…and surprise!"

"I didn't even know it was his birthday."

"Me either until Gavin called me last night. Look! That's not the point! The point is you slept with Tav."

"And what were you doing with Gavin last night?" Brenny asks raising an eyebrow in joke suspicion.

"Nothing like what you were doing with Tav last night. Figures all we had to do to get you guys together was set you up on dates with different people."

"We're not 'together'." Brendan says turning to look at his sister. I wipe the back of my shirt sleeve across my mouth smearing icing on the cloth as I end my coughing fit. Gavin's poor shirt is sure taking a lot of abuse.

How could this have happened? What was I thinking?!


Just wow.

"So how was it?" Brenda asks her brother.

"What? Why would you even want to know that?" Brendan exclaims looking at his sister as if she's the most twisted person on Earth. She probably is.

"That bad?"

"I-I never said that!"

"So it was good?"

Dace interrupts, "Of course it was good. It was Tav."

"How good?" Brenda asks her twin, "on a scale from one to ten. One being I'd-rather-have-a-fish-give-me-a-blowjob-than-experience-that-again and ten being if-you-hadn't-interrupted-we'd-have-been-on-our-thirteenth-time-by-now."

"I'm not answering that." Brendan says surprisingly calm. Why is he so calm?!


"That doesn't even-"

"Higher?" Brenda asks smirking. It really is disturbing how interested she is. They continue to argue and tease but I'm not paying attention because there is only one sentence running through my mind.

I slept with Brendan.

Ew! Ugly germs!


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