Forever Mine

Author: Ilze09

Summary: When ace hitman Kirihiko Kurokawa is hired to seduce Japan's fastest rising idol, he expects things to go easy. However, his emotions think otherwise.

Rating: PG-13+

Warning: Contains Yaoi and Yuri.

Chapter One: Best of Both Worlds

It was just another job…

His steps were inaudible, just like the rest of his movements. He'd learned long ago to stay as quiet as possible and be able to move with absolutely no noise. Things never went quite as smoothly when one could be heard.

All was quiet save for the light sounds of a television coming from the room the dark figure was now headed towards. He gritted his teeth as he stepped to the door and peered inside. The room was mostly dark, only illuminated by the television screen as it played some old movie.

Sitting in a chair in front of the television was the target. Balding, thin, and faceless. However, he always viewed his targets as faceless. As if they weren't even human beings. Just faceless dolls, no family, no past, no love.

The man gritted his teeth as he finally stepped into the room. He put one hand into his jacket as he cleared his throat. The target quickly jumped out of his chair in shock, his eyes growing wide at the sight of the quiet figure.

"W-Who are you?" The faceless target muttered, his eyes dancing in surprise. "What are you doing in my house?"

The man said nothing as he took a quick look around the room. A few empty bottles of alcohol lay around a pile of white dust, a straw implement lay only a few inches away. The man looked back at the target with contempt as he removed a pistol from within his jacket.

"Mr. Watanabe?" The man said as the target nodded, "Very well."

With that, a few shots were fired from the pistol. The target had no time to react as the bullets tore through his chest. He fell to his knees, his shocked pupils growing aimless as one more shot blasted through his skull, sending the faceless target falling backwards onto the ground. Death would follow quickly after.

The man with the gun's face didn't change at all as he quickly put the pistol back into its holster within his jacket. He looked at the now dead target for a second before moving his eyes up to the television screen. A few blood droplets were slowly running down the glass screen as a commercial played across the screen.

A happy, bubbly young man stared at the screen, holding up a piece sign as he chewed the product. The man smirked as he turned to leave the room and what was now a crime scene.

That was the life of Kirihiko Kurokawa. He killed faceless non-humans for whatever payment he thought worthwhile. He did so without regret, without sadness, and most of all, without emotion.


"Chew Ejikieru Bubble! It's the gum of today!"

With that said, the young man sitting in front of the television cameras winked and gave the cameras a peace sign before blowing a big, pink bubble with the gum. The cameras shut off just seconds before the bubble popped and the sticky gum went all over the man's face.

"Cut! That's a wrap!" The director shouted as everyone clapped. All except for the boy in front of the cameras who tugged annoyingly at the sticky pink substance.

"Chiyuu!" The bubble gum-faced boy blinked as he turned his attention just in time to get tackled to the ground by the pretty blonde haired girl who had shouted his name. "Chiyuu! You did great! That gum is gonna be the best selling around now!"

Chiyuu blinked as he lightly pushed the girl off and sighed. He got to his feet and continued pulling the gum off his face, "Sure, fine but I really don't get why I'm doing this. I thought I was supposed to be a serious actor? Not some commercial model."

"You aren't just an actor, Chiyuu." The boy turned his attention just in time to see the bald man stepped up behind him. The man stood well over six feet tall, his head more clean shaven than his face. His eyes Chiyuu had never seen as he always insisted on wearing tinted black sunglasses. He wore an expensive suit and had a clipboard in his hand as he stepped up to the boy. "Oh, no. You're much more than an actor. You are an idol."

"An idol, Mr. Yamada?"

"Yes, Chiyuu." Mr. Yamada said with a smirk, "You are an idol to this generation and the fastest rising one today. People line the street to get Chiyuu Echizen's autograph, to get a picture with him, or simply just to catch a glance at Japan's newest sensation!"

Chiyuu stared at his manager in shock, his eyes wide. He finally nodded before asking his question, "Well, fine but let me ask you this, Mr. Yamada. If I'm Japan's newest sensation then why am I doing a lousy bubble gum commercial?!"

"Well, it gets your face out there frequently, associates you with a popular Japanese product, and…" Mr. Yamada paused as he pushed his sunglasses further up on his nose. He sighed as he placed his hands on his hips and turned around, "… I just really like Ejikieru Bubble Gum."

Chiyuu fell off his chair at the answer and sighed as he sat up, "I guess… that's a good answer." He said, rubbing the back of his head as he watched his manager walk away.

The blonde girl standing behind him finally pulled him to his feet and gave him a hug, "Are you okay, Chiyuu-kun? Did you hurt yourself?"

"No, Hisano. I'm fine." Chiyuu stated as he brushed himself off.

The blonde girl nodded, "Okay. Are you ready to go? I think Mr. Yamada is starting the car."

Chiyuu crossed his arms as his friend began to lead him towards the exit. Just as she had said, Mr. Yamada sat in the car outside the television station. He sighed, that man just had to be so mysterious all the time.

Hisano smiled as she jogged to the car, "Ready to go, Chiyuu-kun?" She said with a grin.

The dark-haired boy paused outside as he looked at her. He smiled as he looked up at the night sky. The moon shone brightly overhead as a cool breeze blew through downtown Tokyo. It was a beautiful night and the first he'd actually be able to enjoy considering his hectic schedule.

"I think I'll walk home." He stated as he turned to leave, "The night's beautiful and I never get to enjoy it anymore. I'll call you when I get home."

"Chiyuu-kun…" Hisano began but Chiyuu had already started jogging down the street.

"Don't worry about me! I'll talk to you later!" He shouted as he ran down the street and turned a quick corner. He sighed as he slowed down and began walking. He spoke to himself as he went. "Hisano… she means well but sometimes she can be so protective. Just because she's my step sister doesn't mean she has to be so engulfing."

Chiyuu sighed as he walked. Being an 'idol' had always been his dream, ever since high school when he was always the lead in the school plays or musicals. Now it seemed like he was finally achieving his goal. He should be as happy as ever!

Then why did he feel so incomplete?

The boy sighed as he continued down the dark street. His shoulder-length black hair, splotched with various dyed colors, blew lightly in the breeze as his chestnut colored eyes watched the pavement as he stepped slowly down the sidewalk. He wasn't an overly built young man, actually quite thin by most standards but what he lacked in muscle he gained in attractiveness. His looks were feminine yet chiseled, catching the eye of the nation's young woman as well as its television producers.

Yes, things seemed to be looking up for the young thespian. He nodded that to himself as he turned down a dark alleyway which was a short cut to his apartment. He walked steadily through the dark passage until a few voices caught his attention. He looked up to see a small group of men heading towards him, talking in quieted voices. His eyes met with theirs as they continued on their path and his heart skipped a beat.

"Look what we got here, boys." The lead man stated as they came upon Chiyuu. "A lone little girl out on a night like this."

Chiyuu swallowed hard as he tried to step past the men but he felt one grab his arm. He turned around in shock at the towering ruffian, "A girl? That'd be the most flat chested girl I've ever seen."

"I think you're right. That ain't no girl." The lead man stated again as he stepped closer to Chiyuu, "It's just a girly little boy."

Before he knew it, Chiyuu was backed against the wall. The lead man pinned him against the bricks behind and leaned in close. Chiyuu could smell the alcohol on the man's breath as he felt his hand on his thigh.

"What you doing out on a night like this, pretty boy?" The man asked, a evil grin on his ugly face. "You look like you'd have a hefty amount of cash on you. Not to mention, I haven't found a lady for the evening just yet." He snickered to himself, "You look girly enough to do."

"Please." Chiyuu whispered as he tried to struggle free, "I'll give you any money I have, just let me go."

"Now, now." The lead man said, "I don't think you're in any place to be giving orders, pretty boy. Just quiet down and take what I give you."

Chiyuu tried to struggle as he felt the man boldly grab a hold of him. He shouted for help as he pushed away from the man, slamming the palm of his hand into the ruffian's nose. He heard a crack and the man scream, holding his broken nose as Chiyuu fell to the ground.

He hit the pavement hard and quickly scrambled to his feet only to feel his foot catch a hole in the alley and cause him to once again stumble to the ground.

However, upon hitting the pavement, Chiyuu caught sight of something in front of him. He looked up from his place on the ground to see a pair of expensive boots standing in front of him. His eyes slowly moved up the body of the stranger. A pair of loose fitting faded jeans and a sleek, silky button-up shirt finished up the stranger's well-built body. His face was stone, no emotion shone in his emerald colored pupils as the wind blew through his raven-black locks.

Chiyuu swallowed hard as he heard the man with the broken nose coming up behind him, "You god damn pretty boy!" Shouted the ruffian as he pulled Chiyuu to his feet, "I'll kill ya!"

"Hold it."

All eyes turned to the entrance of the alley and to the black-haired figure standing there. The man crossed his arms, a frown appearing on his stone-face.

"Who the hell?" Stated the lead man, blood running down his face from his broken nose.

"Let the boy go." The man stated firmly, "Who are you to attack a helpless kid? Cowards."

Chiyuu's eyes glistened at his savior, causing him to leave alone the fact that the man had called him a kid. He felt his attacker throw him to the ground hard as he stepped up to Chiyuu's raven-haired savior.

"Who do you think you are, pal?" The man with the broken nose said, "I'll fucking kill you to- GAH!"

The man stopped in mid-sentence as the raven-haired man slammed his fist into the attacker's gut. The man bent over, holding his gut in pain but was only met with a knee to his already broken nose, causing him to fall backwards onto the ground where Chiyuu had lay only moments ago.

The attacker's friends stared in shock as there friend backed away on the ground, blood gushing from the wound on his face as he stumbled to his feet and ran away down the street.

The raven-haired man cracked his knuckles as he stepped forward, "Anyone else?"

The rest of the group appeared unsure of what to do for only a few seconds until they scoffed and walked away down the alley after their fleeing friend. Chiyuu smiled as he climbed to his feet and watched them go. He laughed in joy as he turned around to thank his savior but upon turning around, he was gone.

Chiyuu blinked in confusion as he stepped out of the alleyway and looked up and down the street. His eyes finally caught the raven-haired man as he was walking away and he ran after him.

"Excuse me! Sir!" He shouted as he came up to the stranger, panting for breath. "I just wanted to thank yo-"

"Save it." The man said firmly as he continued walking, "I saw you needed help and I did. No thank yous needed."

Chiyuu blinked his chestnut eyes at the stranger. The guy just wanted to be left alone but Chiyuu felt compelled, drawn into his savior. He thought a moment before quickly digging through his pockets before finding what he was looking for.

"Wait, just a moment, please." Chiyuu said as he watched the man stop in his tracks. He quickly jogged up to the stranger and stood in front of him, holding out the object he'd been looking for.

The man's emerald eyes stared at the object and he arched a brow, "You're giving me… a camera?"

"N-No." Chiyuu said before swallowing, "You're my savior. I just want… a picture to remember this."

"A… picture?"

"Y-Yes. Please, that's all I ask." Chiyuu blushed lightly as he looked at the ground.

The man stared at him in confusion before sighing, "Sure, whatever."

Chiyuu did a jump of joy before quickly running to stand alongside his savior. He stood on his tippy toes to be equal to the man and held the camera up. He put on his biggest smile and snapped the shot. With a energetic grin on his face, he turned the camera around to look at the picture.

It'd turned out perfect. He and his savior stood there, a brilliant smile on Chiyuu's face and a emotionless one on the stranger. Still, at least he had a picture. Now he just needed a name.

However, upon looking up, the man was gone. He looked up and down the street for the man but he was no where to be found.

With a sigh, Chiyuu turned around and continued on his path for his apartment. The night had turned out more interesting after all.

But what he didn't know, is that the interest wouldn't stop there…

Forever Mine.

To Be Continued…

Author's Notes

Alright, this is my first ever Yaoi story. Please tell me how it's going. I really don't know how I feel about this opening chapter but the idea behind this story has been running through my head for over a week now and I just gotta get it written down. Please tell me what you think!

Until next time!