Forever Mine

Author: Ilze09

Summary: When ace hitman Kirihiko Kurokawa is hired to seduce Japan's fastest rising idol, he expects things to go easy. However, his emotions think otherwise.

Rating: PG-13+

Warning: Contains Yaoi

Chapter Thirteen: According to Plan, Part Two

This was it.

All eyes were focused on the two individuals, standing like deer in the headlights in front of a mob of silent on-lookers, cameras rolling and flashing.

Inside Silver Star, Mr. Yamada stood with arms crossed, his expression still impossible to decipher from underneath his glasses. Klaus didn't even watch the television but his partner, Inari, certainly did. His eyes bright and a sly smirk on his face.

At her home, Hisato watched in shock as the events unfolded. The food she'd been cooking boiled over on the stove but she didn't notice. All she could pay attention to her brother on television, and the repercussions that would follow.

However, no one's heart was beating as fast as the tall, dark-haired stranger that had suddenly invaded many people's homes through the television. Kirihiko stared forward at the cameras and fans, jaw clenched as he could feel his young lover's hand in his own.

Something felt wrong…

This wasn't something Kirihiko had ever felt before while doing a job. He'd stolen, beaten, and killed before and had never felt this type of wrongfulness. Something was wrong with this and Kiri knew it.

Inari's orders echoed within the killer's mind. He knew what he had to do, what he was supposed to do. All that was left… was to do it.

Kirihiko took a deep breath before he quickly turned his attention to Chiyuu. The older man placed his hand gently against the side of Chiyuu's and turned the boy's face so it was looking towards his own. Chiyuu's youthful face was marred with confusion as he looked up at the man he'd loved.

Then, Kiri leaned in closer, his lips getting closer and closer to Chiyuu's before finally pressing against his. His body moved closer to Chiyuu's as he heard a series of gasps come from the crowd. This was what Inari wanted.

Now… for the finale.

As Kirihiko continued to tenderly kiss his lover, he allowed his free hand to drift up, pointing towards the crowd before finally allowing his middle finger to rise. More gasps of shock came from the crowd as the cameras caught Chiyuu's new male lover flipping off his fans.

Inside the studio, Inari beamed at his employee's fine talents.

The shocked sounds of the crowd quickly turned to anger as the fans began shouting at Kirihiko, anger pouting out from the mob as Kiri finally lowered his hand and began to pull away from the kiss.

However, not before whispering into Chiyuu's ear.

"Get mad at me, Chiyuu…" He whispered quietly, "Push me away and act mad."

Chiyuu blinked as he heard his lover speak, "W… What?"

"Just act like it, Chiyuu. Push me away and get mad."

Almost immediately after those words left Kiri's lips, Chiyuu went into action. Both his hands pushed against Kirihiko's chest, causing the older man to step backwards as Chiyuu growled at him, shouting some inaudible words to Kirihiko before shaking his head.

The crowd once again grew silent before movement became obvious. The media crews and reporters quickly rushed forward, sprinting across the pavements towards the two males. Chiyuu blinked as he watched them and Kirihiko moved forward.

"Let me handle this." Kirihiko stated quietly as the reporters made it to them, the mob of Echizen fans quickly following.

Before they knew, Chiyuu and Kirihiko were bombarded with a series of questions.

"Mr. Echizen, is this your new lover?"

"What was that kiss about, Mr. Echizen?!"

"Who are you?!"

"Does this mean Chiyuu Echizen likes men?"

"What's this mean for the future of Chiyuu Echizen?"

Kirihiko quickly went into action. Now, it was his time to act on his own orders, not Inari's.

"My name is Kirihiko and yes, I am Chiyuu's lover."

A massive amount of inaudible banter went up amongst the crowd but Kiri simply continued speaking.

"I want to… apologize for my actions a moment ago." Kirihiko stated, his words coming out surprisingly easy. "I care deeply for Chiyuu and got carried away but he quickly stopped me. He said that while I may be his boyfriend, Chiyuu's real lovers are his fans. So, I apologize for that."

The crowd grew quiet once more at the statement, no more angry shouts arising from the sea of mostly women. Even Chiyuu was dumbstruck at Kiri's words.

Kiri simply clenched his jaw as he stepped back. He'd done all he could. Inari was going to be pissed. This wasn't what they'd discussed but… Kirihiko didn't care. This was what felt right to him…

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a single shout.

"We still love you, Chiyuu!"

That random shout from a fan caused a chain reaction as all the anger from the crowd completely diminished, replaced by a cheers and excitement. A broad smile appeared across Chiyuu's face as he spoke into the nearest reporter's microphone.

"I want to thank all my fans for all their support!" He said happily, chuckling to himself. "And I hope you'll all love Kiri just as much as me."

With that, the crowd grew even louder. Chiyuu chuckled as he gave Kirihiko's arm a huge hug, posing as the cameras went off. Kirihiko, however, paid the flashed no mind as he instead turned his head to look up at the Silver Star building. In one of the windows, he could see the silhouette of a person watching them.

Inari… wasn't going to be happy.


"Take that, doubters!"

All eyes watched as Chiyuu climbed on top of the coffee table in the center of the Silver Star lounge, hands on his hips and smile beaming.

"To all those who said confession my love would only hurt me, I say take that!" Chiyuu laughed loudly as he punched the air, "Did you hear that crowd? How could telling them the truth hurt me?" Chiyuu laughed victoriously as everyone else simply rolled their eyes.

"I suppose things did turn out better than they could have." Mr. Yamada stated quietly, arms crossed as he leaned against the far wall, "However, we won't know exactly how this affects Chiyuu's fame until later."

Chiyuu shrugged his shoulders before hoping down from the table, "You're all just way too pessimistic. Everything is going to work out fine."

A slight smirk crossed Yamada's face as he stepped forward and shrugged his shoulders, "If you say so. Now, Chiyuu, if you'll come in my office, there's a few things we need to go over."

A slight groan escaped Chiyuu's as he whined, "But, Mr. Yamada… I was really hoping to spend some time with-"

"It's rather important, Chiyuu." Yamada stated quietly as he opened the door to his office. "I'm sure your statue is willing to wait."

Chiyuu groaned once more before nodding his head and turning to address Kiri.

"I'll be at home." Kirihiko stated quietly from his place by the door.

The rainbow-haired boy nodded briskly before hurrying after his manager and following him into his office. With that, Kirihiko took his own leave, stepping out of the lounge and heading for the elevator.

Kiri only had to wait a few moments for the elevator doors to slide open, and the sight inside didn't catch him by surprise. With a sigh, Kirihiko stepped into the elevator and joined the other two men inside.

The hitman crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against the wall of the elevator, "Enjoy the show?"

"What in the hell was that, Kurokawa?!" Inari growled, addressing his hired help with rage in his eyes. He slammed one of his fists into the wall, his red-hair matching the color of his face. "Why didn't you just follow the plan?!"

Kirihiko rolled his eyes, "I did follow the plan. You never said I couldn't add in my own twists."

Inari fumed, "Look, Kurokawa. You work for me-"

"No." Kirihiko stated coldly, finally looking up at the shorter male. He stepped forward, his height becoming more obvious to the red-head. "I don't work for anyone. I told you this when I took on this job. I work for myself, you're just supplying the work." Kirihiko continued to speak, stepping closer to Inari as the red-head backed up. However, as he got closer, he could feel the third person in the elevator step forward, breaking the gap between Kiri and Inari.

Kirihiko glanced up at Klaus but paid the blond no heed, "Don't forget that, Inari. I don't work for anyone."

With Klaus in front of him, Inari regained his confidence and cleared his throat, "I'm still the one whose paying you, Kurokawa. Are you going to do the job I've given you or not?"

"Of course I am." Kirihiko sighed, resuming his position against the wall. "You told me my job was to seduce Chiyuu Echizen then break his heart. Don't you think what I did today will only make Chiyuu fall for me more?"

The elevator grew quiet for a moment before Inari spoke once more, "Just remember, Kurokawa. When I give the word, you end it."

A ding came from the elevator at it reached the ground floor. Kirihiko pushed himself off the wall and stepped forward. The doors to the elevator opened and Kiri began to step out, "You got it."

Kirihiko didn't look back at Inari and Klaus and didn't even pay attention to the blonde girl he brushed past, not even noticing the strange, suspicious look Hisato gave him as he walked by.


It'd only been a few hours since Kirihiko made his auspicious debut on television, but those few hours were gratefully taken by the hitman.

For some reason, the day had taken its toll on the dark-haired male and he'd been all too happy to take those few hours to rest.

Even as the sun disappeared past the horizon, Kirihiko still lay on his lumpy mattress, eyes closed and mind far away from reality.

Inari's words kept drifting around inside his brain. Why had he not just followed the plan? On any other job, Kirihiko would simply gone along with what he was told, not caring about anything else but finishing what he was getting paid to do.

Why was this so different?

Why did he have so much trouble hurting that kid? How come every time he had the opportunity to cause him pain, he always seemed to turn it around and just make him even happier?

There wasn't anything special about Chiyuu. He was young, annoying, hyper, loud, spoiled, and way too optimistic for an average human being. He was everything that Kirihiko was not. Everything that Kirihiko never really wanted to be.

So… why did he have such odd feeling when he thought about him?

Could it be that Kirihiko was…

He was never given an opportunity to finish the thought as the feeling of someone else climbing onto his mattress pulled Kirihiko from his thoughts. His eyes slowly opened as he felt an arm drape across his bare chest and a pair of soft lips gently pressing against his shoulder.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who that was.

"Don't you knock?" Kirihiko asked coldly.

All Kirihiko heard was a soft chuckle before the person next to him rolled over, sitting himself atop Kirihiko's waist. The older man looked up into the soft yet bright eyes of Chiyuu Echizen as the actor smiled broadly down at his lover.

Kirihiko let out a sigh, "I think you're crushing my lungs."

Chiyuu chuckled once more and shook his head, his dark and colorful hair falling into his eyes, "Nu-huh." He said quietly before pressing two fingers down on his chest, "Your lungs are up here, silly. I'm crushing your intestine and… maybe your bladder?"

Kirihiko simply rolled his eyes, "Someone failed Biology class."

"Oh, shut up." Chiyuu mumbled as he raised himself slightly off his lover so he could adjust himself, now lying down completely on Kirihiko's chest. While the re-positioning didn't exactly ease the weight on his chest, feeling Chiyuu's warm body against his own was... nice.

"H… Hey, Kiri."

The older man blinked, "Hm?"

"Um… thanks a lot. For today." Chiyuu spoke softly, in almost a whisper. His arms wrapped around Kirihiko's neck tightly as he did so, "It… made me really happy."

Kirihiko was silent as he listened to Chiyuu's words and said nothing afterwards. He just laid there, listening to Chiyuu's soft breath, feeling it against his skin. Why did this dumb kid make him feel so strange? What did he do that made his heart beat so fast and his mind to never cease its incessant need to keep drifting?

And why didn't Kiri want it to end?

Slowly, the older male's arms rose up and clasped around Chiyuu's waist, pulling him in tighter. He heard a slight gasp escape Chiyuu's lips before pressing his own tightly against the younger boy's, allowing his passionate embrace to do the talking.

Their kiss only broke for a minute as Chiyuu stared down at his lover, his eyes so tender and soft. Kirihiko couldn't help himself for some reason. The words that escaped his lips next forced themselves out, completely devoid of Kiri's will.

" I love you, Chiyuu."

Kirihiko watched as Chiyuu's tender pupils slowly grew watery before the boy threw himself onto Kiri, his arms wrapped tightly around the older male's neck and his face buried in the crook of his neck. Kirihiko blinked in confusion as he held onto the boy tightly. They remained that way for quite awhile before Chiyuu finally pushed himself up and looked down at his lover once more.

"I… I…" Chiyuu stammered, eyes still watery from before. Kirihiko watched him for a moment before shaking his head and placing his finger to the younger boy's lips.

"You want to stay here tonight, Chiyuu?"

The multicolored-haired boy nodded quickly, "Yes."

With that, Kirihiko nodded before quickly turning the tables. He flipped Chiyuu around so the boy was laying on his back, with Kiri on top. He looked down at the surprised look on Chiyuu's face before speaking once more, "Then let's… go to bed…"

Almost immediately, Kirihiko's lips were on Chiyuu's and both of them knew, they wouldn't be getting very much sleep tonight. And they also knew that it never felt more right.


It had been a long day.

Jun groaned as he stepped into his shabby little apartment, tossing his things down on the kitchen table as he stepped over to the couch. The heavily tattooed male plopped down on the couch, letting out a tired groan as he reached for the remote.

The television came on to the same show he always watched at night: Tokyo Entertainment.

Jun let out a loud yawn as scenes from some big event played across the screen and some reporter rambled on about some celebrity revealing a big secret. The bald thug wasn't paying the show much attention until a rather shocking scene came across the screen.

The man's eyes grew wide as he stared forward in shock at the picture playing across the television. There was his best friend, Kirihiko, with his lips pressed firmly against those of another male. However, it wasn't just any male; it was his favorite actor ever! It was Chiyuu Echizen!

Jun fell to the ground and edged closer to the television screen, grabbing a hold of both sides of the set as the images played over and over again.

"K-Kirihiko…" Jun stammered, eyes still wide in disbelief, "K… Kirihiko…"

Then suddenly, the bald thug fell backwards and shouted at the top of his lungs, "KIRIHIKO! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!"

To Be Continued…

Author's Notes

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