Rated for the secks. Beware... and, you know, enjoy the sexin'.

I can not believe Hamish had gotten us into Wonderland. I just do not want to know how he managed it. At all. Ever. I will just enjoy our holiday, and do whatever you do in theme parks

"Ghai! Come over here!" The boy was so excited that I just wanted to slap him. I think it would help. But I don't think I could do it, really. I love him too much to hurt him. However, the girls looking at his arse, though I knew they were no issue, them I could slap.

I slipped an arm around his waist and glared at his little fangirls.

"Yes, Hamish?" I asked, laying on the sugar really thick.

"Hang on, this can wait. Who is looking at what part of my body?" Damn, the boy was good.

"Large gaggle of females. And they're staring at your delectable tush."

"Did you seriously just say tush? You really are gay."

"Shut up, Hamish, you're the one who likes-" he cut me off quickly.

"Okay, we know what I like. They don't. Let's keep it that way," he said, pointing at his young admirers. Just then a short girl, around thirteen, bounced over.

"Can I take your picture?" She asked.

"You mean the both of us?" I asked, confused.

"Duh, I couldn't say, 'oh look, this is one of the gay guys. His boyfriend was beside him,' now can I? It's only cute if you're together." I like this girl. We huddled in, and just as the camera flash went off, Hamish planted a wet kiss on my cheek.

"Ew, Hamish!" I squealed.

"Honey, you've had far worse bodily fluids on your face," he reminded me. I blushed.

"I think I preferred them, actually…" I said, quietly. The girl with the camera squealed. Hamish looked at her then lent down to whisper in her ear. She nodded. He whispered again, and she whispered something back. He grinned and thanked her.

"Come on Ghai, I know where we're going now," he grabbed my hand and dragged me towards a big ride.

"This, lover boy, is the Sledgehammer. You will not wuss out, and you will not puke. Understood?" He asked. I nodded.

Soon enough we were next in line, and I was regretting my promise. I was going to puke. Soon.

We got strapped into the beast of a machine, and the machine started spinning. The seats were spinning the opposite what to the machine. I looked across to Hamish, and he grinned at me. The machine suddenly went upwards, and I got the feeling I was about to fly out of my seat. I squealed a bit. We went back down quickly.

"Ghai, honey. I love you. I love you more than anything in this world. I don't care what people think, I just want to be with you. Will you marry me?" Hamish just proposed to me. On the Sledgehammer. The machine hoisted us up, and my answer was stuck in my throat for a second. As soon as we were finished lifting, I gave him my answer.

"Yes! Yes, yes, god yes!" I screamed. He grinned at me.

As soon as we got off the ride, I threw myself into his arms and peppered kisses all over his face and neck.

"God, I love you, G. You're the best thing that ever happened to me," he murmured.


Three rides later, something occurred to me.

"Hamish, where are we going to get married? Isn't it illegal?" I asked, worried.

"Actually, it's legal in Canada," he said, smiling slightly. Suddenly, it all clicked intro place. This is why we were in Canada! To get married. I smiled at him and snuggled into his chest.

"Love you," I said happily. He kissed the top of my head.

"Love you too, baby."


"Hamish!" I cried out. Our hips rocked together as he thrust into me, trying to get deeper. Always trying to get deeper.

"Uhn, Ghai. Oh, god, Ghai!" He grunted. He reached around and grasped my erection as he rubbed my prostate. I let out a guttural groan and arched my back, trying to pull him in further. He tugged harder on my cock, and I was gone. I spilled all over his hand, and barely managed to stay on my hands and knees so he could finish. A few deep thrusts later and he emptied himself inside me, moaning. He collapsed on top of my back, panting in my ear. Once he had his breath settled, he whispered in my ear "Is it just me, or is sex better on your wedding night?"

I hope the sex was as good for you as it was for them XD And yes, you CAN get married in Canada if you're gay. At first they were gonna go on a road trip to Cali, but then I found out you can do it in Canada, which was handier :)