By D3OPH3ST (Irida Eneas)

A/N: Cryo is a story of genetic mutation, human experimentation, and time travel spanning almost half a century. It follows Vox, a man on a quest to follow his dreams, Isle - a little girl confused and lost within a world controlled by a gigantic organization, and Eve a biological super soldier searching for the reasons behind her exsistence.

Its also my first original fiction (I'm more of a fanfiction person that an original) but i really wanted to get it out here. Concrit is welcome, but please try and be gentle. This is very new too me... thanks everyone!


My father once said that he wanted to see the future. I was only a little girl then, so when he explained what he meant I didn't understand him. Or rather, maybe it was that I was incapable of understanding what it meant at the time. He said he wanted to join the ranks of the AkRanti Corporation by any means possible. The company that controlled the mass monopoly of power and money that was the aspect of every existence on this planet.

For my father being a Soldier was not an option, joining the ranks through the military was impossible for someone like him who still had a family to support. But to my father joining the AkRanti was his dream, the only reason he'd ever been put on his earth, and when the opportunity came for him to join the AkRanti as one of their human experiments, he opened it up with full arms. To see the future, as a Cryo. It was the plan of a simple minded 27 year old black male in the year 2009. It was the only way he could ever appease the dream in his heart.

To become a human experiment and put the AkRanti's true power to the test. It became the only reason my father wanted to live – and so it separated him from all of us. And when one day he mysteriously disappeared from all of us, joining the AkRanti on his own little mission, I couldn't understand it. I didn't want to understand it, and so it never made any sense to me.

But because of his mistake - the downfall of man was met, and the future was changed, permanently, forever. Because ... he broke his promise.

The rusted bolts of an old 1960's Volkswagon hummed and moaned under the weight of its occupants as it bumped and crawled along dusted roads and gravelled crossways. Springy elevator music that swam from its old and beaten radio was nearly lost in the quiet breeze that loftily spilled through open windows. The music was soon changed with the wafting voice of and old yet well known news-announcer, preaching the good news of the AkRanti Corporation, broadcasting to the nations of its newly found power derived from the most basic of sciences...

The mother occupant, a woman of simple build and stature with pale skin and creamy golden locks, stopped a hand over the power button, silencing the good mans word. She would have none of this nonsense, she declared, of using biologics to travel through time. Twas a silly and outlandish idea that could only bring trouble in the future and draw in unnecessary bloodshed.

The father figure and the only capable driver of the vehicle strongly disagreed. An experience of a lifetime, he declared it. A chance to truly see the impact man had on the future. His deeply a tanned face and gallant brown stare directed solely at the road ahead. He wanted to join the Cryo and truly experience the future and all the mysterious it held. He turned to his daughter, seated quietly at the back of the van, clutching a hand-stitched doll in her tiny tanned fingers. Her eyes were blank as she stared out the window into miles and miles of endless red sands.

"Wouldn't it be great," he asked her, shooting her a playfully honest smile like only a father could. "To know what the future is like?"

"Daddy?" The little girl said, her soft brown eye's filled with wonder and curiosity. "I don't understand, how would you see the future?"

He smiled, tossing a curled brown lock over his shoulder as he faced the road. He couldn't have expected her to understand. She was only four. Her mind was much too simplistic to comprehend such an intimate idea as cryogenics.

"Well they'd freeze me temporarily sweetheart," he said with a small chuckle trying to keep a straight face as he drove. "After all being frozen for a bit would hurt so much. Especially if it where to see a brand new world! After all anything's better than this one right!" He took his hands off the steering wheel momentarily to gesture and the endless dunes of sand the surrounded the gravel road the traveled upon.

His daughter nodded eagerly, simplistic glee filling her baby like features. "Can I be frozen with you daddy? I want to come too!"

He nodded, proudly. "Of course sweetheart. I couldn't leave you behind!"

His wife slapped him gently, but purposefully on the shoulder. He face twisted into a disapproving scowl.

"Don't fill her head with such nonsense," She whispered haughtily in his ear, pressing the tiniest a re-assuring kisses to the tip of his earlobe. Her hand moved to change the radio station before she turned in back on with a flick of her delicate pale wrists. "It isn't good for her."

"Why?" he said teasingly flashing his wife a playful smile before drawing her in for a quick kiss while the road was clear. "Whoever said it was nonsense!"

His wife shook her head and turned to the window, as the slow sound of violins and acoustic guitars began to blossom over the speakers.

He turned to his daughter who had watched him with a fascination that only a child could have.

"I'll take you with me when I go someday okay?" he said with the charming smile he was renowned for. "It's a promise."

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