Tales of Lust

Raging Hormones

Before I start here is the key to the chapters.

M/F – Male/Female

M/M – Male/Male

F/F – Female/Female

Update – 29/12/12: I'm currently updating the stories already posted; I will then begin posting new stories again.

If you are only here for the stories, then you have all you need so feel free to skip to a chapter that grabs your interest. But for those of you who would like to learn a little first...

As all of you reading this probably know, people like sex. They like talking about it, thinking about it, writing about it and doing it. Again and again and again.

The average man will masturbate once/twice a day, think about sex or sexual activities more than 100 times a day and think up roughly 1000 different fantasies before he reaches the age of 20.

The average woman (Although, some will deny this because women are not allowed to enjoy sex in our society) has about the same rate of masturbation as a man, they tend to think about sex and sexual activities less, but when they do its a much more intense situation, they also think up roughly 3000 different fantasies before the age of 20, women tending to prefer the fantasy itself and men tending to prefer the 'quick fuck.'

Despite what you may think you know, Men and Women's libido (Sex drive) is very much the same, the illusion that Men prefer sex to Women is again societies fault.

Sex and sexual activities are not as Taboo as they once were. There is much more experimenting and exploration going on in our day and age than there was only 40 or 50 years ago. There are people who believe 'Missionary position (Girl led down, legs apart. With the guy on top) only, no sex before marriage' at one end of the spectrum and there are those 'Orgy role-play bondage parties only' people at the other end.

You should always be willing to broaden your horizons, 'Variety is the Spice of Life' get out there and enjoy it.

Enjoy the stories.


Disclaimer: All events and people depicted in these stories are a work of fiction only, any semblance to real people and/or events is purely coincidental.