Special Delivery M/F

'Its arrived! It just came in the post!' She throws the box down on the floor as she runs into the room.

'What is it this time? More clothes?' He is still wet as he walks in from the bathroom.

'Not this time'

She walks into the room, fully clothed, already wearing the 7 inch strap on.

In one motion she throws him down onto the bed and whips the towel off.

His cock is already rock hard.

She straddles him, brining her new toy to his mouth; he begins to suck on it.

She turns around, chokes him with her toy as she begins to suck on his cock. She rubs her hands up and down his shaft and thrusts into his mouth.

She comes up for air 'Now you know how it feels. Well, almost...'. There's a glint in her eye as she turns him over.

'Im going to fuck you from behind and your going to like it'

She grabs his cock for purchase and begins to slowly slip inside of him. He grunts with a mix of pain and pleasure as she buries herself up to the hilt. He gasps as she pulls almost all the way out then plunges into him again and again.

Rubbing his cock in time with her thrusts he begins let out little gasps and moans, she suddenly pulls out and stops.

He falls forward with a grunt and turns over.

'What was-'

'Its not so nice when you don't get to finish is it?' she has that glint in her eye again as he looks up, hurt.

'Dont worry, im not finished yet' She slips her toy into him again and grabs hold of his cock. Pulling it into her mouth as she thrusts into him.