Determination -
They say it is the root
Of simple accomplishment
But yet -
Your determination,
Dare I call it such?
Has made an accomplishment
A punishment...

The lives of everyone around
Rule with your iron fist
Getting away with this -
The genocide of lovers,
Of beings with hearts...

The utopia of traitors -
Of those who don't agree with your
Book of laws
The religion, self-created...
Kill all the lovers,
For they are atheist to your religion
Your standards for life
Crumble this place...

Everything from your followers
Threatening torture or punishment for
Any form of disobedience -
The king is merely an ornament,
For he is bound to your higher law
Under the control...

The graves of the fights buried and dead
Dig them up and resurrect them
And send these demons upon your enemies
Throw the ghosts back onto
The pristine spirit of love
Refuse the death of further disruptions
For these can also be used in your battle -
Your battle for absolute dominance...

Of all reminders of the battlefields -
The peaceful meadows wrecked
In your ongoing war
Of all the casualties on both sides...

Those once close to you
To the lowest rung on your status ladder
Throw them to the streets
To fend for themselves
Or better still, hang them from the gallows
For treason -
After all, everything is yours...

Everything until there's nothing left -
Only then will you realize that you have made
A mistake

Only then will you realize the damage was unnecessary
That dead are those you once held so dear
Strewn disorderly in the streets...

And only then will you see that your utopia is