Same Book

Only recently did I look
And find we are from the exact same book
We hear them, to us, reprimand
And felt our very foundations shook

By their words, by their way
They want us to live out each day
It's hard for us to understand
And for them when we seem to stray

From the world until the voices are faint
Together we talk without restraint
This is because we always know
The other will have no complaint

And why should we?
For we'd always see
That some thing more
That is or could be

Deep down inside
Those things we hide
But, however,
What we confide

With you I find I have no fear
You've gained my trust in this past year
And now, it seems wherever
I am and you're not, my world's unclear...

And I hope that when you look
You'll find we're from the same book.