She's Lost

Poor young girl, her search for nothing
She collapses to her knees and cries
She had searched so hard for something
And inside of her, her heart dies.

Once in her sky, she had a light
It brightened up her darkened days
It gave her a reason to fight
Her sadness, but now it's gone away

So once again she resides in the dark
Once again she's broken inside
A protective flame killed to a spark
A missing place in which to hide

Poor young girl, she has a curse
One that takes away her shield
And when it seems it could get no worse
She's left to defend herself in a barren field

Spiraling downwards, a neverending fall
Nothing to hold onto, nothing to grasp
No one to hear her voice as she tries to call
Nothing to stop the descending relapse

Find her light, restore her mind
Her eyes, they refuse to open
But yet... when the light finds
Her... her body is already broken.

Breathe life into her; show her you care
Show that you didn't mean abandonment
Warm her heart again... Your heat you can share
Don't freeze her with the ice of your resentment

She needs you! She's in pain!
Oh, dear light... Why?
Why in the cold and endless rain
Did you have to let her die?...