Smiling Misery

He's had more than he can take.
Look at his smile, but know he's going to break.
The misery he may try to disguise
But he will never hide the look in his eyes

That tells the whole story. Look and see.
Look at what has caused him to be
The shell of a person who once shone bright,
But now depends on someone else's light

For he's been damaged, he's been torn
His body is wrecked and his mind is worn.
He won't cry out when he's frightened
But he'll panic when darkness has tightened

A strong, horrid grip on his very soul
Pulling and tearing until it leaves another hole...
Another hole he has to patch and hide --
Another secret kept deep down inside...

All too late did he start to plead
To acquire the help that he so did need...
But no one came, he wondered why he bothered to try
His eyes and story closed as the world passed him by.