Inserted a variable into this equation today
And finally solved it through
And found
The answer was not as complicated as I believed
It made sense but
It was harder to take in.

I fell for x
I fell for the lies
Unfortunately though, I too became it
And so x becomes squared

But after the lies became squared
A new variable became me - y
And I sat alone most days
Asking myself the question that had become
My label
Wishing I knew why I let x trick me into
Squaring it and adding to the wrongdoing...

And there was that quiet third variable - z
Who stood off to itself
Innocent to the games of x and y
Not aware that x was manipulating y
And y was doing just about the same
The equation grew larger and more complex everyday
As y struggled with x and z
Not knowing when it would fall apart
And drop from the equation as 0
But constantly feeling negative...

And then x dropped y
And the squared became single again
Poor y spent many days struggling within itself
On the isolated side of the problem
Trying to answer itself but unable to do so
While z came to its aid and tried to help solve the problem...

And finally y had to admit
Of the squared wrongs that had been caused by its combination
With x
And z just listened - took it all in -
And told y
That all would be okay and that the problem would be solved
That it and y would not separate
That the equation could still be fixed.

So now y and z still stick together
So x became 0 and dropped away
The equation became simpler by one step
And finally was solved to where
Those two beautiful variables - y and z -
Were still side by side.

I look at this equation
And now I fully understand
That the equation was hard and I thought that I
Would never solve it
But with the help of someone at my side
I'd solve it and be able to go on
Knowing that
I got the answer right though I
Struggled for a while...

All problems have a solution.
And together, we found the one for this.