Gone off the deep end
Off into hell
Her life went into a spiraling descend
When hatred began to swell.

She's gasping for air
Digging nails into the hands
About her throat.
We want her dead, they scream,
The demons in her life.
She no longer believes in anything
There is no will to go on.

Her face is turning blue, you see
Nowhere to run or hide
Beat her up,
Left and right,
For your own personal gain.
Throw your weight around,
Because of your authority.
Abuse your power,
Both of you,
And strangle the life from
The unbelieving soul.

There is no defense
For the weakened heart, oh no.
A knife cuts a heart-shaped wound
Into the heaving chest
And dives right into the beating warmth
Taking it away.
Look at all the bruises!
Look at all the pain!
It's delicious, the demons say.
This is what they crave.

She finally gave up breathing.
No longer dared to try.
Tonight life was strangled away.
Tonight, she had to die.