He hesitates to call her
But listens to the voice deep down
Smiles faintly as he hears her voice...

She hears it loud and clear
Deep down within the pitches of his voice
An aching heart with nowhere to go
Coming to her in the night
Pleading for company
Begging for love

Later that night she sits alone
The clock strikes fifteen past one
She feels exhausted but yet insomnia reigns supreme
Procrastinating the dawn
Trying to suppress the loneliness...

The clock strikes sixteen past one
He lays awake in his bed, staring into the dark
He's mouthing words silently to her... Is she
He silently shouts to her, "I love you
I miss you
Please come home..."

The clock strikes seventeen past one
She whispers, "I love you
I miss you
I want to come home..."

The clock strikes eighteen past one.

He curls up tight and bites his lower lip
She shivers and falls against the couch
His chest begins to heave
Her eyes begin to overflow
He grabs his temples and digs his nails into the skin
She shoves her face into the cushions
They cry in unison
Their suffering
A melody of melancholy
The likes of which
No ear has heard before...

I love you...
Oh, God, I love you...
I miss you...
I miss you so much...
Please come home...
I want to come home...
I long for you...
I cry for you...

Together, though
The tears fall -
The breaths gasp -
The pain is incredible...
Together they experience the same pain.
They experience the

The clock strikes nineteen past one.