Superior Inferior

Looking in the corner,
See her standing there.
She, the others, they do ignore.
Her many thoughts go unshared.

She is superior,
Yet inferior,
No one wants her time,
For intelligence is her crime.

She picks up her books,
Tries to fake a smile,
Ignores the glaring looks,
Trying for just a while

To fit in, dear girl,
Trying her hardest to match
The others, but her in her world,
She suffers a big catch

In her plan:
She's superior.
Tries her best, but damn;
She's inferior.

She watches them by day,
She dreams of them by night.
To be one of them, she prays,
To cease inferiority, she fights.

To hell with being superior.
She wants it to be done.
It hurts to be inferior.
She hates to be alone.