I didn't mean for it to be this way
But I was given no other choice
It was that every single passing day
You shut your ears to a helpful voice

And now, my eyes spill over for you
But I must pack now and look ahead
I can't go on trying to continue
Helping something that is dead...

We made promises that were impossible
And we believed that they would be kept
But I realized how downright improbable
They are when all you've done is slept

Through every single attempt I've made
You close your eyes and turn your back
My mind is blue and my heart is frayed
By the motivation of which you lack...

And so we come to a broken road
In which a path left, a path right
And through what you have showed
There's no point in me trying to fight

You walking along the path dim
And leaving me behind
For I can't please your every whim
No smile in you can I find...

The blood of my eyes made constant streams
My heart poured itself on the floor broken
And regardless of that, to me it seems
You used me as one would a token

Excited when to you it was received
And to keep it always, you would think
But unfortunately you misbelieved
And it was lost, and you fell to the brink

Of self-destruction, and feigned it perfectly
Believing it to be some sort of game
And when you returned so hesitantly
You're alone - and you're the one to blame.

And so my eyes, for you they'll bleed
But the rivers will dry as they stall
When reminded of messages you would not heed
For you were merely an onyx wall.