The Confession

She's been sitting in her misery.
Her tears have finally went dead.
Writing out drafts of an apology
And the confessions in her head.

Puts a pencil in her shaky hand;
Chews on her lip, makes it blue.
More tears on the paper land,
And she starts, "Hello you."

"Hello you, this is my confession
Of all the thoughts I should have said.
You are my heart's obsession,
But I seemed to hurt you instead.

I was wrong, as I tend to be
But... God, I never meant you harm.
It's always later do I see
That I'm under evil's lying charm.

I sit here and pray to go back in time
To take back all the horrible things.
I want to apologize for my nasty crime
And all the sadness that it brings."

She puts the pencil down for just a bit
To catch her breath and wipe her eyes
Then resumes again with sharper wit
Writes more through stifled cries.

"Hello you, it's just me again-
The one who sees the world in you.
I guess on me you can't always depend,
But know my love is strong and true.

Sometimes I know it has to seem
That I don't seem to really care.
But you reside in my every dream
And I know you're always there.

I wish I was a better, stronger soul
For when you fall upon the ground...
Oh, my love, you make my entire world
Even when you're not around...

I know today I made a huge mistake
And left a hole within your heart.
But know my love will never be fake
And this apology is where I start

To show just how much you mean to me.
I'll never make this error go away,
But I hope my sincerity you can see
And know I want you so badly to stay."

She finishes while laying in her bed,
"Hello you, this is my confession,
And this is what I should have said.
I love you. You are my heart's obsession."